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Akin Aregbesola | Team Lead

Akin Aregbesola | Team Lead

In the last 15 years of his life, Akin Aregbesola has established and run his own businesses.  As a direct result of his first ever deep conversation with his inner-self in December 2002, Akin established his first business which started as a computer training school in January 2003. Within 2 years, the outfit had trained and graduated several hundreds of trainees, and climbed to become one of the leading telecom training companies in Nigeria reaching its peak in 2010. However, things began decline for the business by 2013, following a series of unfortunate incidents which culminated into loss of the head office to fire in January 2014.

Akin Aregbesola was a very active church attendee with above average involvement in religious activities.  But after the collapse of his primary business, he began to feel inadequate in the beliefs that had sustained him thus far and started to ask questions. It became obvious that he needed a deeper spiritual foundation to carry the kind of future he hoped and worked for. After several failed attempts to reach spirituality via third party and rigorous search outside himself, he stumbled on knowledge (by reading) that helped him look inward for the solution that he searched. He found peace within and that marked the end of the old Akin Aregbesola and the beginning of the spiritual Akin Aregbesola

From that point onward, Akin began to enjoy solitude and meditation. He recalls how the thought of closing from work and returning to solitude in his room (he had left his family back in the UK and was all by himself in the house for 3 year!) always excited him and how happy meditation times were, for him.  He learned a lot in meditation before he met (actually, reconnected with) his first disciple Innocent Obetoh 2 years later. He worked closely together with Innocent for about a year and half.

By March 2017, Innocent had landed a very lucrative job in Lagos Island. About 3 weeks after Innocent resumed in his new position as IT Manager for this foremost law firm, Akin got an opportunity to relocate to the USA. He left Nigeria in June 20187. Having spent the first 6 months trying to settle down in the US, he has now launched the long-prepared-for Akin Aregbesola Ministry.

You may want to know that Akin Aregbesola has a first degree in Electrical Engineering (Nigeria), a PgD in Telecommunications (USA), and Masters Degree in Business Administration (UK). He has over 20 years experience in administration, operation, technical, and management of Businesses.