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All About Spirituality | Be Conscious of These Things

All About Spirituality

All About Spirituality | Be Conscious of These Things

You may be spiritual already in the basic sense without knowing it. To be conscious of these is all about spirituality fundamentally.

There is something that is more important to God than the material benefits that we attach to our vision.  It  is so important that God will not mind extending a ‘forty-day mission’ to forty-year journey, just so we could pick enough ‘spiritual’ fruits on the way, to help us attain and sustain the targeted goals.  In the long run, the material benefits are mere proofs that we have actually already achieved the spiritual targets of finding love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control inside of us.  Because these spiritual goals are more important and also fundamental to the attainment of the material benefits, the material naturally follows as favor when the spiritual is accomplished, even when one has not specifically asked for material prosperity.  All About Spirituality

On our way to success, we would find other people on their way as well; some in our direction, some in the opposite direction.  If this was a selfish journey without spiritual targets to attain, it would be fine to simply focus on ourselves and our own journey alone.  But we must make it a selfless mission.  In helping others in whatever form we could to find that which they seek, we are necessarily sowing the seed of finding help at the point of our own need, as we proceed in the pursuit of our dreams.  All About Spirituality

Most of the time however, our own help is wrapped up in what might appear to be burden.  These burdens could come in one or more of the following forms:


Before we arrived on earth, God had already built and assigned responsibilities to us in line with the objective of our coming into the world – our destinies – and attached to the respective ‘challenges’ the resources that we need to conquer them.  By implication therefore, our success is connected with our taking up our natural responsibilities as determined by our birth circumstances. Such could include being accountable for a weak relative, acting as parent to some otherwise destitute orphan, sharing the revelation of God concerning the way to success with the community, etc.

But because we mostly think in the physical alone, we tend to run away from these assignments and thus hurt ourselves.  Just think about it for a minute: isn’t there a reason you were born into the particular family you belong?  Isn’t there a reason you are the strong brother of weak siblings?  Could the reason you are the only educated one among so many non-educated persons be such that you might be the one to lead them out of their ignorance?  The answers to these and many similar questions lie within you only.  Find them! Live them! And you are on your way to success and happiness.


A closed fist cannot receive gift.  Whatever you want, you must first give; you cannot receive without first giving.  If you want love, you must give love first.  If you want more knowledge, then share the little you have.  If you want riches, then be generous, particularly to the needy.  Whatever you can, give.  By not giving, you are delaying your own getting.  But in giving, you are sowing.  And the harvest time will certainly follow, barring the period of gestation.

Conversing with your mind

If we understand that our primary purpose on earth is not pleasure of the body but to mature our spirit unto perfection, then how could we base major decisions about our lives on material considerations alone, without conversing with our mind? Through prayer, meditation, deep thoughts, we must take instructions from our mind as often as possible.  Our mind cannot lie to us; the truth that it reveals to us forms our pathway to success.  All About Spirituality

Your mind is clearly the singular most important element to your success.  If you lose it, you lost everything.  Whoever you give control of your mind, controls your entire life.  But if you are in control of your mind, then you are on your way to the top.  It is not enough to just guard your mind against evil intrusion; you must explore its positive energy to the fullest.

Be yourself

Everyone is peculiar and unique. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and by the nature of our varying assignments on earth, no two persons are exactly the same.  Therefore, you cannot copy the successful business of someone else and expect to be successful in it.  It is a great thing to learn from others but if a significant part of the vision is not ‘manufactured’ inside of you in the factory of your mind by your own thoughts, then it is not yours and it may not work for you.

Identify a passion

There may be very many things that you are really bad at, that is not so strange.  But there sure is one thing that you are good at. Find it! Identify that one thing in you.  Until you do that, you have not even commenced the journey to success.  And note that remaining in the belief and therefore claiming that there is absolutely nothing good about you would be synonymous to ‘insulting’ your creator.

Once you identify that peculiar talent, skill, knowledge in you, hold on to it and develop a passion for it.  Sharpen it over time, and someday it just might be a light on your dark pathway to the success.  All About Spirituality

Do the Right job

You must be vigilant not to make your Mission (route) your Vision (destination).  And you need wisdom to know the difference.  Sometimes, there is need to move on; to leave a current place.  The fact that you were actually called to your present place may not necessarily mean that you cannot be called to pursue higher things.  Your current place might just be mere preparation ground for your next assignment as you climb the ladder of success.  A place that was once right could become a wrong place if you have overstayed your welcome.  An indication of this might be when you start to get diminishing returns for your efforts.

Remain in your calling

It is one thing to identity your talent, develop a passion around it, and then make a business of it.  But it is something else to remain in that business, even when it looks like nothing good is coming out of it.

Trusting in God is a basic requirement for success.  It is called faith.  If you genuinely believed that God has called you to the work or business, don’t you think He will not be pleased if you forsake that calling just because of ‘too many’ challenges?  By the way, when God calls one, there are always challenges. Otherwise, there will not be need for the calling in the first place.  He does not call one to step into ready-made enjoyment; He calls one to work.  Opportunities to rest may come after winning a battle, but more battles will always follow till the war is completely won.  The tolerance, patience, sympathy, self-control, confidence, and relationships that you develop in these battles will be saved for you as laurels in spiritual vessels and handed to you on the ‘other side’.  That is of course after ‘all other things’ have been added unto you while you remain on this side.  All About Spirituality

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