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Can destiny really be changed?

Can destiny really be changed

Can destiny really be changed?

Our slate of records (Destiny) was originally handed to us clean. Thereafter, by our prevalent deeds (which originates as thought), we began to “write” on the slate the events that take place in the life. Destiny, once “written”, cannot be changed.  Nothing, no one, not you, not even God, can change a “written” destiny. God did not create your destiny, you did.  So, only you can come to Knowledge and, by that, define your own future in writing the “unwritten” part exactly as you like it to be. Can destiny really be changed?

Life takes a different direction on a daily basis based on the choices that we make in what we think, what we say, and in particular what we do.  Life works like a flowchart. From very simple everyday decision such as what we eat, how we relate with people, our belief system to major decisions such as whom marry, where we live and work, etc, our future takes a different path along the flowchart of life.

The creator is not a human being that goes about monitoring and assessing people to determine whom to reward for doing the right thing or whom to punish for doing the wrong thing.  What he has done is put a perfect system governed by Nature in place that ensures that everything works.  At the bedrock of this system is the incorruptible Principle that never fails.  This Principle, broken down in principles called Universal Laws, work so efficiently that He can literally go to sleep in confidence that the universe in general and the earth is particular and all that is within it is working well.

These same principles see deed as seed planted the minute it is done.  In due time, the seed germinates and grows to become a tree to produce fruits of its like. Depending on the nature of the done deed, the fruits could be reward or punishment. As the deed is being done, it is recorded on our slate.  Over the days, or weeks or years, our once clean Destiny now have hundreds and thousands ugly times, rewards, good times, bad times, sweet and bitter events that we must ‘reap’ in our futures.  These series of events, of which are CAUSE of our own free will, and which timing and occurrences are determined by Nature, is what we call Destiny.  Can destiny really be changed?

Now because the system cannot be bribed or manipulated, there is absolutely no way that anyone can add to or remove from the content of your writing.  They MUST happen.  Destiny cannot be changed.  However, the hope herein is that there is always the part that has not be written; still blank pages in your book of life. You have the opportunity now to come to knowledge and spirituality so you move away from “taking life as it comes” to consciously writing a great future for yourself.  Can destiny really be changed?

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