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Define Spirituality | Your Mind, Your Master Key

Define Spirituality

Define Spirituality | Your Mind, Your Master Key

Define Spirituality.  To get an understanding of how the mind works, let us consider how television works.  There are hundreds of television signals radiated by TV transmitters, hovering around invisibly in the air.  The TV set has a built-in dialer with which it scans all frequencies within the TV spectrum, and thereafter assign each detected frequency to a TV channel.  By pressing appropriate button on the remote control during setup, available frequencies are scanned and the active channels are stored to distinct buttons on the remote control device.

To watch a program, you must tune the frequency of your TV set to the broadcast frequency of that program.  Although this has been so simplified to translate to a simple press of a button on your remote control, the change of frequency does take place inside the TV set, to resonate with the frequency of the transmitter of that program.  Whether you want to watch a ‘bad’ program or a ‘good’ program, all the frequencies are within your reach and it is only a matter of pressing the appropriate button to ‘tune-in’ to the frequency of broadcast of the desired TV channel.  But you can only tune to one channel, and therefore watch one program, at a time.  Define Spirituality

This is the way the human mind works, differing only in the fact that, unlike the TV set that can only transmit but cannot receive signals, the mind can both receive and transmit thought signals; where the transmitting station is the home of infinite intelligence.  There is a ‘wireless’ connection between every functional human mind and this infinite intelligenceThis connection is the master key that makes all things possible for man.  Just as there are hundreds of unique channels within the television spectrum, so do thoughts occupy unique ‘channels’ within the thought spectrum.  Your thought would literarily align to one of these channels in order to travel out of you into the universe, where it stirs up and attracts thoughts that are of same vibrational frequency as itself – like energy – back to you.  Thus, ideas and solutions centered on those thoughts begin to hit you almost as if some ‘spirit’ was dictating them to you. Define Spirituality

This is the source of creative power for the geniuses and miraculous power of the religious kingpins.  However this state of mind is not exclusive to any particular group of persons or to any specific religion.  It is available to everyone who has developed their mind to the extent that they are able to connect with the reservoir of knowledge that keeps – in spiritual state – all things that there ever was, everything that is, and the things that will be. Define Spirituality

By releasing the appropriate kind of thought energy, you can attract its like.  To be happy, tune in to the frequency of happiness by emitting selfless thoughts of love for God and for your neighbor.  To be sad, flip over to the channel of sadness by emitting all kinds of evil thoughts and your mind will attract to you similar kind of energy to keep you in that state.  Properly explored, in this realm lies the solution to all human problems: thoughts are things. You can build your world with your thoughts.  You can achieve any situation you want in life by using your thoughts to CAUSE the EFFECT of the circumstances that you desire.  Define Spirituality

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