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Self Control – describe different aspects of spirituality

describe different aspects of spirituality

Self Control – describe different aspects of spirituality

In order to describe different aspects of spirituality, let us first look at power, which is the capability to achieve a desired result.  Whether you are moving things physically from one point to another or you are working to move your status from a state of poverty to a state of prosperity, you need power.

To move things in the physical, you need power in the form of muscles.  If you start by moving light things, you will realize sooner that to move heavier materials, you need more power. This you can develop by physical exercise.  Similarly, to achieve a change of status, you need to harness your thought power.  To gain more power, you will have to generate more positive thought to attract to you more positive energy, power in its potential state. describe different aspects of spirituality

This kind of power takes so much effort to gather and therefore must not be dissipated wastefully, so it can be directed on the purpose you have developed it.  Using it for any purpose order than that for which it has been developed will amount to waste.  In the realm of thoughts, the way positive energy is wasted is to allow negative energy to take over the control of your mind.  In other words, when you scream in anger, you quarrel with people, you flare up in rage, you get saddened with jealousy, you allow fear, worry, anxiety to take over your mind, you are exhibiting lack of self-control and thus waste energy.

Self-control is the ability to maintain sanity i.e. continuing to display positive energy in the face of situations that should draw anger and similar emotions in you.  While lack of it causes hardship for those who become its victim, those who do not exercise it suffer loss of great power which could have been directed on the achievement of their Definite Chief Aim.  A person who has well-developed self-control does not indulge in hatred, envy, jealousy, fear, revenge, or any similar destructive emotions.  describe different aspects of spirituality

Closely related to self-Control is self-sacrifice, which is a commendable quality on its own. However, when carried to the extreme, self-sacrifice could become a dangerous form of lack of self-control.  As Napoleon Hill puts it, “You owe it to yourself not to allow your emotions to place your happiness in the keeping of another person.  Love is essential for happiness but the person who loves so deeply that he places his happiness in the hands of another resembles the little lamb that crept into the den of the nice, gentle little wolf, and begged to be permitted to lie down and go to sleep”.

The divine economy is very simple and applies clearly to the principle of self-control: we receive only that which we give. It is not that which we wish or pray for that comes back to us, but that which we give.  When an angry person abuses you, if you retain your self-composure and remain calm and serene, you take the other fellow by surprise by retaliating with a weapon, the use of which he is not familiar; consequently you easily dominate him. describe different aspects of spirituality

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