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Do Miracles Really Happen

Do Miracles Really Happen

Do Miracles Really Happen. A child would consider an event a wonder or magical when he has no understanding or explanation of how it happens.  But the moment he gets the trick behind it or understand the art of it, the event seizes to be a wonder but something that even him can do by himself.

In the same vein, great teachers have never thought of anything as miracle because they are knowledgeable in the law of Cause and Effect; they are never taken unaware.

Everything is governed by law.  By law, we can understand all things. The idea of miracle suggests that operational law is suspended or substituted by an arbitrary of capricious power.  In other words, miracles suggest that the law which we know forms the frame work upon which the universe rests can be void or temporarily negated. But we know that this cannot be. Do Miracles Really Happen

Miracle appears to be because the observer is not knowledgeable enough about the operation of things and how the law works.  Those who understand do not call these miracles.

Yes, a man who has been sick for many years can become well again.  But no necessarily by the laying of hands on him by another person but by the letting go of negative energies within him.  Yes, a man who was once poor can become wealthy. But not necessarily because he work some jackpot but because he has learned and practice the appropriate principle for attracting prosperity.  While an outsider who does not understand the requisite renewal of the mind that the man had gone through sees these changes as miracle, the spiritually minded who understand the eternal order of the universe see these as normal phenomena, not as miracle.  In the end therefore, that which is miracle to the ignorant is not miracle to the spiritual enlightened. Put differently, what was once seen as a miracle at the stage of spiritual infancy can become a normal occurrence at spiritual maturity.

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