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Faith Meaning

faith meaning

Faith Meaning | a new perspective

In trying to explain faith meaning, have always warned that to have faith, which is very fundamental for attaining spirituality and ultimately prosperity, is not just to pray and then to wait for manifestation in the belief that God has answered your prayer.  You might wait forever with nothing positive happening.  By the way, note in my teachings that even though you become prosperous, your original goal is to become spiritual.  Prosperity is only a bonus for spirituality. The CAUSE of prosperity is to observe to do all that the Principle teaches you to do, keeping it and turning it over in your heart at all times to remain. Once you trigger and remain at this cause, you will at some point begin experience the EFFECT of prosperity. This is clarifying faith meaning.

I have written severally on FAITH on my blog.  This time, let me quickly share a practical idea on what you can do to develop and stay in faith.  It’s one of my first experiences since my Spiritual Awakening.

Here is a practical example of faith meaning. For a period of about 3 years, I had searched and asked the question “what is the best way to ensure that I never lack again, what’s the guaranteed way to get what I want at any time?”  I found the answer in the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the book of Matthew Chapter 7 verses 7-12.  After I found it, I did not go about praying about it.  I went ahead to put it to practice.  At that time, I was in a bad financial state.  I was in Africa but my family was in the UK where I had left them.  My major problem, and the toughest I had ever faced in my entire life, was to maintain my family in the UK from my business proceeds in Africa.  Rent alone was close to GBP1000; then there were bills.

The spirit directed me to a close relation: a homeless widow with her 2 children.  I had just enough money to rent and furnish apartment for them.  I did exactly that and promised them a monthly upkeep allowance. I also promised them that as long as I live, I will always put a roof over their head and food on their table.  That was it.  I had done for a family that same which I desire for nature to use men to do for my own family.  It’s been 3 years now. I am still keeping my promise.

Yes, my finance has improved significantly but I still struggle occasionally. So when I am not able to pay rent for my family, I remember that I am paying rent for another family (there are now 2 families actually as I have added another family of a widow with her 3 children); then my confidence is restored, my worries disappear, and my fears go.  Principle teaches me that there is no way that I will be providing shelter over the head of another family and nature would not provide shelter over the head of my family. Principle never fails. So I go to bed knowing that my family will always have a shelter over their head, irrespective of whether I have money to pay rent at that moment or not.  That is faith meaning.

Note that my confidence and positive energy at all times concerning this issue is not a result of prayer or even of knowledge but of doing; of works. Why practice principle in a similar fashion; why not do  some work now and always that when you remember, your faith will be boosted; some work that you can turn to for good feelings whenever you feel low and dejected. Do some work that gives life to your faith always, to give faith meaning.

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