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How to be Spiritual | Clear Your Wrong Beliefs

How to be Spiritual

How to be Spiritual | Clear Your Wrong Beliefs


In this How to be Spiritual, let me quickly lay some foundation on which I will build my teachings.  This will also help you discard non effective religious practices and embrace true spirituality.

Stop praying to reap where you have not sown.  It’s fraudulent to expect God to give you the fruit of another man’s labor, in the name of miracle.  You cannot legitimately own something for which you have not paid the price.

The energy for building up must first be released in pulling down.  Where there was no release of energy, there cannot be crystallization of matter.  Whatever you are gaining was lost somewhere.  If it was not lost by you, then it was lost by someone else.  If God uses someone else’s tears and labor to create reward and enjoyment for you, then He can also make another harvest the glory of your own sufferings.  That is not God.  How to be Spiritual 

You cannot have glory where you have not suffered. The energy to build your enjoyment is released in your sufferings, in your sacrifices, and in your keeping of principle. There is no free glory anywhere.  Even Jesus Christ had to undergo suffering to earn his glory.  If you have not had a crooked path in suffering, then don’t expect a straight path in enjoyment.

Stop looking for the cause of your problem outside of you. Just as you are responsible for attracting your enjoyment to yourself, you are you also responsible for attracting your problems to yourself. As a good tree cannot bear bad fruits, so can a good you not attract ugly situations to yourself.

Your life circumstances are your fruits.  You can tell if you are a good tree or a bad tree by considering what the universe reflects back to you in your external circumstances. If you are not happy with the image that represents you in the mirror of your circumstances, then make that change to get the reflection that you desire.  Remember that poo, even if wrapped in expensive perfume, cannot but attract flies.  How to be Spiritual 

There is something called Principle. Just as there are laws, there are also principles. When you break a law, you are punished. But when you keep principle, you are rewarded.  We are all born equal but laws and principles separate us.  Some make themselves lower by the punishment they get for breaking the law, while some make themselves higher by the reward they get for keeping principle.

Faith is not mere belief that God has answered your prayer. Faith is NOT living a normal life and expecting extra-ordinary results. Faith is not to expect God to turn your bad situation around because you have prayed or asked him for forgiveness.

Faith is absolute confidence in the knowledge that you will reap a particular benefit or reward because you have completed your own part of the bargain having kept the appropriate principle or paid the appropriate price.  So, that confidence to travel in your car at anytime, knowing that no harm will come to you, not because you have prayed and fasted, not because of the perfect condition of your car, but because you are keeping the appropriate principle that ensures that the sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night, is Faith.  How to be Spiritual 

There is no separation between spirituality and money. Money comes from spirituality. You cannot be wealthy unless you are first spiritual; otherwise that money has no roots and will fall easily to the mildest storm of life.  True wealth is only material indication of spiritual attainment; the material evidence that you have found the spiritual things of God and that you practice His principles.

When God makes you a king, He takes you through what you would term suffering to help you develop the spiritual virtue to build a kingdom. Do not think that because God has called you to be a great pastor, then He is going to take the congregation of another pastor and hand them over to you. No, instead He will help you to work very hard to raise your own congregation that you will be a great pastor over.  While we generally consider that period of working hard as suffering, it’s only actually His way of preparing us for the job ahead and instilling in us the requisite virtues for success.  When God wants to give you a forest, he gives you a seed. It takes a lot of work and effort, and patience to turn a seed into a forest.  It takes suffering.

Not everything you have been taught by religion is the Truth. Religion have deliberately adulterated the truth to keep you in the state of perpetual ignorance, because if everyone knows the truth and the truth sets them free, which is the goal of the Gospel, then who will be slaves and servants to the knowledgeable.

Education is not the summation of great thoughts and ideas of other people that have successfully been imposed on you.  Education is bringing you to a level of knowledge where you can begin to think for yourself and carry on by yourself without dependency on on 3rd party secular or religious sycophants.  Education means freedom, removal of limitations, and coming to the reality that all things are truly possible.  Education, particularly spiritual education as delivered in my teachings, is your Power2Prosper! How to be Spiritual 

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