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I want to be rich

I want to be rich

I want to be rich

The spiritual world can be compared to superstore.  It contains so much presents and treasures in the same way that the earth is contains so much sand.  Can you imagine that the earth is ever deficit of sand?  Even if you do, yet even if everyone on earth became very prosperous, we still would only be scratching the surface of the abundance of source of prosperity – the spiritual.  To say I want to be rich is fine, but there’s work to be done.

The proper way to become prosperous is to go to the source – by practice of principle – to “download” your own prosperity.  We do not need to be envious of anyone at all.  If I want what you have, I don’t have to rob you of yours.  If I do, the negative energy that I create in the conspiracy and deed of the robbery will ultimately eat up the loot and leave me over time in a worse material state than my original state.  No one has to do anything to effect that.  Criminal law of the world does not have to catch up with me.  The robbery victim does not have to retaliate. Nature will always find a way to ensure that unearth benefits are punished while unearned sufferings are rewarded. It’s not a sin to day I want to be rich, but you must come to riches by the genuine means

When you acquire by principle, you have acquired rightly and nothing can rob you of that which nature has by itself bestowed on you. Imagine an attempt to block the flow of a river by placing rock on its part. Sure the flow will be blocked, but only for a temporarily.  The water will climb high above the rock (that may take a while but it will happen). When the flow returns, it will be with even greater velocity, falling from the new height of the rock.  That’s how it is when someone appears to have successfully robbed you of your earned blessings: your blessings return in due course with all the accrued interest. Did you still say I want to be rich.

Now you know that there’s no shot cut to true prosperity. And that prosperity is not restricted to only a priviledged few but is available to all who would embrace spirituality by the practice of principle. And that there’s no need to attempt to ‘waylay’ people to rob them of their prosperity when you too can go all the way to Source to rightly acquire yours in a way that adds no sorrow.

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