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Importance of Spirituality | Handicapped by Your Environment?

Importance of Spirituality

Importance of Spirituality | Handicapped by Your Environment?

Importance of Spirituality; despite the turbulence and near collapse in the economy and peace of the world, we can still be happy if we desire to.  The nature of happiness is such that we could build our own world of happiness around us, and carry it with us wherever we go. Importance of Spirituality 

For thought, distance is not a barrier.  Just as radio signals transmitted in one end of the world can reach the other end almost instantaneously (this is how come, even though it is transmitted from a singular source, we can listen to BBC live all over the world at the same time, for example), so our thoughts can penetrate the entire universe to seek and attract to us, its kind.  Thoughts motivated by selflessness, sympathy, kindness, generosity, gentleness – this is LOVE – will attract happiness, good health, and prosperity.  On the other hand, thoughts motivated by envy, selfishness, covetousness, jealousy, revenge – this is EVIL – will attract sadness, diseases, and poverty.  Importance of Spirituality 

Thus we can make a heaven of our hellish situations by perpetually exhibiting love in our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Personally, I buy the philosophy that God has not been partial in allocating resources to heaven and to hell.  I believe that same resources have been made available in hell, as in heaven; but these resources are accessed only with the proverbial ‘long-spoon’.  In hell, everyone tries to selfishly ‘feed’ themselves but the spoon goes past their mouth because of its length.  So, in the midst of plenty, the dwellers of hell are sick, diseased, and emaciated.  In heaven, everyone feeds their neighbors selflessly: each person who feeds his neighbor is in turn fed by another neighbor.  The result? Everyone is looking great, very well fed, and healthy.  This is the kind of love that we can adopt to better our individual, corporate, societal, and even national situations here on earth, as recommended by the holy books and preached by most religions.  Importance of Spirituality 

Again, I believed that if the occupants of heaven and hell were swapped, that is everyone in heaven moved to the ‘geographical entity’ called hell and everyone in hell moved to the ‘geographical entity’ called heaven, heaven will become hell and hell will become heaven almost instantly; leading to yet another philosophy that heaven and hell are not some geographical places but the attainment of their corresponding states of mind.

You might then ask “what if I decide to practice Love in my own effort to create heaven out of my current situation, what is the guarantee that I will have someone ‘feed me’ back?”  Remember the Universal Laws?  All of them guarantee that you will reap the fruits of the seed that you sow.  And there is yet another law called the Law of Compensation. It says that nothing ever escapes the notice of nature. Every action of love is captured, and in due course adequately compensated.  Importance of Spirituality 

Yours is to do what you ought to do, in the way that you ought to do it.  If you are patient, following the Law of Gestation – it says there is always a time lap between the planting time and the harvest time – and remain in faith, you will surely be fed back even as you feed others in Love.

Worrying about the If, the How, and the Where of your compensation is like reactants worrying about what they will produce in a chemical equation.  Like the Universal Laws, the results of all chemical reactions are fore-known. When Hydrogen reacts with Oxygen for example, water is formed.  Therefore it is not in the place of Hydrogen to wonder what and how its bond with Oxygen will produce water.  Importance of Spirituality 

Besides, worry is a negative energy that does damage rather than good.  But believing that you will definitely reap the reward of your labor is FAITH – the substance of things hoped for, and evidence of things not seen.  This faith is the most phenomenal of all the forms that positive energy can possibly take.

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