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In the name of Jesus

In the name of Jesus

In the name of Jesus

Jesus said “at the mention of my name, you will do wonders”. Yet we command things to happen on a daily basis in the name of Jesus, but they never really happen.  Yes we may twist the truth, find excuses for failure or even deceive ourselves that it happens.  But the truth is 99.9% of the time, we declare things to happen and add “in the name of Jesus” but they never happen whether instantly or later.  Why?

Does it mean that Jesus had lied when he said “in the name of Jesus, you shall cast our demons”. No, at that level of divinity, masters cannot lie.  If things do not work according they how it was given to us, it is not because something is wrong with the principle, but because something is wrong with it’s implementation.

Now here is the thing. I have personally observed that many of Jesus’s teachings is in parable.  In other words, we are not expected to act on the statements word for word but to first uncover the revelation behind the statement and then act not on the logo but the rhema of the statement.  In this particular case, the name of Jesus is not to mention “in the name of Jesus”.  If it was so, that anyone, including those who have acted contrary to his teachings in secrets, could come to the open to shout the “in the name of Jesus” to perform wonders.  How cheap and confusing the whole idea of spirituality would have been.

However, the name of jesus actually means practicing principle according to the teachings and doings of Jesus Christ.  So, without necessarily shouting or mentioning the name “Jesus Christ”, you will be able to perform the kind of wonders that Jesus meant simply by living the kind of life that he lived.  In actual fact, you are not the one doing the wonders but nature simply being in resonant with your intention and motives because they are pure and in harmony with principle.  It is not you struggling to do miracle but nature simply rising up for you wherever you go and in whatever you do because you have by your keeping of principle and the giving up of yourself in selfless service to God by the pure and complete loving of your fellow man, earned the deserved benefits which manifest as miracle to those below you who have not reached that spiritual height.

The name of Jesus is not the shout of the name Jesus but the whole hearted understanding and doing of the biddings of the master.

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