Friday, March 22, 2019
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Do you suffer any form of disease?

Diseases are effects of negative energies like worry, anxiety, fear that have accumulated in the body system.  These negative energies represent dark spots in your system, that’s why they are able to manifest as diseases.

So, how do you drive out darkness, the home of diseases from your body?  Only by introducing light.  To pursue diseases from your body and claim your organs back, extract knowledge from my teachings.  At some point, your mind will have taken just enough knowledge to trigger it into making that connection with the spirit side.  And via that connection, your body will automatically begin to download the light that it requires to heal itself.

My teaching is bringing the era of praying and laying of hands to end, marking the start of an era of do-it-yourself.  The truth had been hidden for too long to keep you in ignorance.  Know the truth now and be free from the bondage of sickness and diseases.



Do you suffer material lack?

You have no business being poor.  The reason you are in lack is because you are trying to perform by yourself a herculean task that only your spiritual side can help you achieve.  You do not realize that you are much more than you can see physically.  You are a spirit being and have enormous riches in your spirit reservoir; it hurts your creator that you experience lack in the material when you can simply convert your spiritual currency to material prosperity.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your use of your mind.  Your mind is the actual key for connecting with your other side.  My teaching will help you come out of ignorance to the knowledge that all things are truly possible for you. The goal of my teaching is to expand your mind to strike a chord that will trigger this very essential connection.



Are you unhappy?

The reason you are unhappy is because you have subjected your happiness to factors outside of you, and you have allowed circumstances to control you instead of being in control of your circumstances.  Your happiness should come from within and then expand from inside you outward to things around you.  You should carry your happiness wherever you go and not tie it to any particular person or event.  Your happiness should not seize because you experience disappointments.  Your happiness should be permanent and not dependent on temporary things.

As a mobile phone is too small to house all available mobile apps on the internet, so is your body too small to contain the happiness you truly deserve.  All you need is a permanent connection to the place where this happiness has been stored for you.

My teachings can help your mind establish and then later expand that connection with your spiritual treasure at your creator’s side.


Do you want to be more involved than being a mere visitor to this website? Would you like to be part of community (of positive-minded people) that offers a fertile ground for the practice of Principle that we teach? Do you desire to fast-track your Spiritual Development under the Coaching of

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