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Law of Attraction | Let the Universal Laws work for you!

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction | Let the Universal Laws work for you!

Universal Laws Law of Attraction are the pillars upon which our world rests.  Just as the physical laws, also called natural laws, govern our material world, so do Universal Laws govern our spiritual world, and also our thought; thought being the pathway by which the material connects with the spiritual.

In the physical, when you play with a baby and thrust it up in the air, it is guaranteed that the baby will return to your waiting hands. If you leave a book in your shelf, it is guaranteed that it will forever remain there unless some other force moves it from there. That you will get exactly the same amount of energy in opposite direction, as reaction to that which you put into action in one direction, is another guarantee.  These are instances of physical laws.  Law of Attraction 

Let us now attempt to gain insight into the workings of Universal Laws by considering computer programs and how they work.  You get exactly the same effect every time you apply a particular function in a Software Application, because the programmer has written somewhere in the code that whenever that function is invoked, this particular action should take place.

Now imagine that the creator of the universe wrote a comprehensive program to govern the operation of all the universal forces, with the sole objective that they all work together in harmony to produce the stability-effect that He desires for His creation.  For example, a line in the pseudo code of the program might read: “whenever a man appears to shows love (see line 004 for definition of Love) to his neighbor, find out if his love is genuine (see line 009 for definition of genuine love).  If NO, do nothing.  If YES, then return twice that ‘good’ to the DOER, within a gestation period of TIME (to calculate TIME, go to line 909) under a similar circumstance as the event at which the love was shown”.  This kind of code in God’s program becomes a law that affects everything in His creation – a Universal Law. Law of Attraction 

This illustration is only an attempt to help you grasp the notion that Universal Laws are just as fundamental to the working of the universe as programs are to the working of the computer. Have you ever highlighted some text in your Word Processor, clicked on the bold button, and the text refused to go bold? Have you ever attempted to add up a range of cells in your Spreadsheet and got a wrong answer?  If man’s program could be so dependable as to give the right result all the time, then how much more reliable could God’s own ‘codes’ be?

As a good understanding of the Universal Laws will help you maximize their efficacy for your own good, let us now take a peep into some of these laws.

Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates and nothing rests. Put differently, everything is energy including our thoughts.  Law of Attraction is an offshoot of this law: vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like energy.  Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its vibrational match, wherever in the universe they may be.

A good person will attract a good spouse.  A good spirit will attract good health, happiness, and positive vibrations in general; on the other hand, an evil person will attract negativity such as disease, and sadness.  Thus by what you attract, you can tell if you are radiating positive or negative vibrations.

In the same vein, a great business idea will attract the right resources to bring itself to life.  Therefore, rather than giving all the attention to looking for money to start the business big, focusing on imaginations of the good life the business could bring to your family and the entire community could attract to you the resources that the business requires to come to life.

Law of Cause and Effect.  This law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.  Be at cause for what you desire, and you will attract the effect.  All thought is creative, in that they are always potential cause; so be careful what you think, for the effect could manifest.  Matter (things in the material realm) converts to energy (things in the spiritual realm) and energy converts back to matter as they move between the two realms. Whatever we throw into nature (cause), nature must throw back at us (effect).  The Law of Sowing and Reaping is an offshoot of this law, where sowing is a cause and reaping is the effect.

The world drains the earth of its resources; it suffers natural disaster in effect. We enjoy all the products of modernization, including automobiles; we suffer pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, etc.  Deforestation for construction and furniture-making comes with the effect of massive erosion and extinction of wild life –the realization that “We did not inherit the earth from our parents, but we are borrowing it from our children” should begin to make a positive attitudinal difference in our ‘rush’ to deplete the earth of all its resources.  Law of Attraction

Sow in love, and you will reap great benefits.  Contribute to building someone else’s house for example, and you are on your way to owning yours.  Show sympathy and affection for the sick, and you are rebuking sickness in your life.  Forgive those who sin against you and you shall be forgiven of your own sins.  Give sacrificially, and nature shall show you mercy in return.

There are basically two ways to go around getting what you want: the first is by application of natural laws and the second is by application of Universal Law.  You could either go all out to pursue your desire till you get it, or you could chose to attract your desire to yourself.  The first method entails a lot of struggle, and in the end, it is still not guaranteed that you will get that which you seek. This is the method commonly employed by the world.  No wonder so many do not get results for their efforts!

The second method employs the combination of the Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect: it simply requires you to consistently think and act on what you desire.  In addition to this, continually stir the Cause of what you desire and as Effect, nature will push it your way; so you get your desire with minimal material effort.  For example, the Effect of open door follows the Cause of knocking; trying to forcefully enter through any other means order than ‘knocking’ on the door is trying to do it by power. The Effect of Getting follows the Cause of Giving.  We only end up with a burn on our palms or hole in our pockets if we get something from anyone without that person’s full consent.  At all times, sow positive seed of the kind of fruit you desire, and you will have succeeded, provided you exercise enough patience, in attracting the fruit to yourself naturally.  Law of Attraction

Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something else.  Point of view is determined by what the observer is relating to.  The nature, value, or quality of something can only be measured in relation to something else.

For good to exist, there must be evil otherwise how do you determine what good is. This means therefore that bad situations are not really as bad as they may seem.  No matter how bad that situation may be, you still have a reason to be happy because there is always a worse state the situation could have been, real or imaginary.  It just might be that the bad situation you are going through is only a lesson to make you understand and appreciate the good situation that is waiting ahead of you?

Most times, we are happy and content with our situation until we see someone else in a better situation than ours, and then we are challenged to work harder to get to that level, bringing us to the realty that we can always be better than our best.  On one hand, the Law of Relativity gives us reason to always show gratitude to God for our situation. On the other hand, it could be applied to help us to continually strive towards perfection.

Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite: Hot-Cold, Light-Dark, Up-Down, Good-Bad. In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not.

Polar opposites make existence possible. If what you are not didn’t coexist with what you are, then what you are could not be.  Therefore, do not condemn or criticize what you are not.  Law of Attraction

We are all searching for happiness and success; individually, we go to various extents in this pursuit.  But the Law of Polarity points us to the basic things to do in order to have success, happiness and all the good things of life.

If what you are not didn’t coexist with what you are, then what you are could not be. This means that without poverty, there would be not riches.  For there to be riches, there must be poverty.  For light to have meaning there must be darkness.  Same principle goes for good health and sickness; people for a cause and people against it.  Reflect on this for a moment.  If nature bestowed light upon you, what would you do with it in order to be useful to nature, hide your light, or seek for darkness to light up? For as long as you keep giving light to darkness, your light will not diminish but will multiply because every light you release will be a seed sown; it will ultimately bring you harvest of more lights.

If you are in congruent with this analogy, then you can apply this principle to get whatever you want from nature.  If you are seeking to be rich for example, riches cannot be if there was no poverty.  Therefore your feelings towards poverty, even though that is not what you want, should not be animosity but kindness. Look for the home of poverty, visit him and treat him like you are rich; show him generosity.

If you want promotion, you cannot hate examinations; if you want success, you cannot hate failure; else, you will be like one who claims to love another, but hates their origin.  As you would give examination the importance and preparation it deserves in order to attain the promotion you desire, so also would you need to be patient with failures, as you learn the great lessons of success they carry; so would you need to continually show sympathy to poverty in order to attain wealth and remain wealthy.  Law of Attraction

Some people would generally prefer to spend long hours praying for solutions, rather than take a few minutes out to be the answer to someone else’s prayer.  They have not realized that God is more willing to bless us when He identifies us as river that He could use to ‘flow’ blessing on to others, than when He sees us as pond seeking blessings just for our own selfish selves.  And we will have to demonstrate to God that we are the river kind of person, with the little that we already have.  Just as in the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer, so should it be said that ‘because I have been a solution to another person’s problem, Father please provide a solution to my problem’.  In reality though, those who deserve to say this prayer would hardly need to say it because their (silent) prayers would have been answered even before they are said.  Law of Attraction

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