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Manifest | All things are within reach

To manifest is to bring into being. There is another world beyond this world of material, from there the material manifest. It is the world of Spiritual.  The spiritual is the foundation on which the material world is built. More like the seen part of plant above the ground rests on the bigger, but hidden part below the ground, so is the unseen spiritual much more robust and firmer than the seen material world of our current abode.

All things manifest from something. Even when it looks like things just appear, they still manifest from something and somewhere.  For something to appear somewhere, it must first disappear from somewhere else. The seen of the world comes from the unseen of the spiritual.  In the spiritual, everything is available therefore all things are possible.  However, it requires power to manifest in the material that which you see by imagination, dream, revelation or otherwise in the eye of your mind. And like everything else, energy has to be cultivated, nurtured and preserved so it can be called upon when needed to create things. The essence of my teaching is to help you develop your mind for this kind of power, so you can in turn bring prosperity first to yourself, then to the world around you.

Positive energy is creative but negative energy is destructive.  On one hand, you can create by converting from the spiritual to the material.  You need plenty of positive energy for this.  On the other hand, you can destroy prosperity, sending it where it came from, with negative energy. This is all there is to creation: the cycle from seen to unseen and then from unseen to seen.  There is absolutely nothing new under the sun. All things are already manifest and already exist and complete. Like a child would find whatever gifts he wants in a superstore, so can we always find all that we need within the infinite content of the spiritual world.  Whether we are then able to manifest them in the material would depend on whether or not we are ready to make the appropriate sacrifices in the practice of principle.

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