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Is Accurate Thought the same thing as MediTation?

To think accurately, we must separate facts from mere information as there is much information available to us that is not based on fact.  Also, we must separate facts into the important or relevant and the unimportant or irrelevant; only facts that we can use in the attainment of our Definite Chief Aim is important or relevant.  MEDITATION

Also, we must take care not to fall in the category of men who are influenced by all the whispering of the winds of gossip, that accept without analysis all that they read in the papers and judge others by what their enemies and competitors say about them; remembering always that “There is a wheel on which the affairs of men revolve, and its mechanism is such that it prevents any man from being permanently fortunate”.  The moment a man or woman begins to assume leadership in any walk of life, the slanderers begin to circulate ‘rumors’ reflecting upon his character.  No matter how fine one’s character is or what service he may be engaged in rendering to the world, he cannot escape the notice of the misguided people who delight in destroying rather than building. MEDITATION

The sub-conscious mind is the intermediary between the conscious thinking mind and the infinite intelligence, and you can invoke the aid of infinite intelligence only through the medium of the sub-conscious mind by giving it clear instructions as to what you want.  The sub-conscious mind has one outstanding characteristic: it records the suggestions which you send it through Auto-suggestion and invoke the aid of infinite intelligence in translating these suggestions into their natural physical form, through natural means which are in no way out of the ordinary.

Bear in mind the fact that you do not sit and wait, nor do you go to bed and sleep with the expectation to find that infinite intelligence has showered you with the object of your definite aim.  You go right ahead in the usual way doing your daily work, but with full faith and confidence that natural ways and means for the attainment of your definite purpose will open to you at the proper time and in a suitable manner. Infinite intelligence will not build you a home and deliver that home to you ready to enter, but it will open the way and provide the necessary means with which you may build your own house. MEDITATION

Do not rely upon the performance or miracle for the attainment of the object of your Definite Chief Aim; rely upon the power of infinite intelligence to guide you, through natural channels, and with the aid of natural laws, for its attainment. There will be many times of discouragement and hopelessness as you await infinite intelligence to bring you into your desire; times when the mind is sick and makes the body sick.  At such times, it needs a stronger mind to heal it by giving it directions and especially, by giving it confidence and faith in itself.  This is called suggestion. It is transmitting confidence and power to another and with such force to make the other believe as you wish, and do as you will.  Each of us can be a healer of this sort and thus help our fellow men.

The power to think as you wish to think is the only power over which you have absolute control.  You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul by reason of the fact that you control your own thoughts, and with the aid of your thoughts, you may create whatever you desire.  One of the unanswerable mysteries of God’s work is the fact that this great discovery is always self-discovery.  The truth for which man is eternally searching is wrapped up in his own being; therefore it is fruitless to search far afield in the wilderness of life or in the hearts of other men to find it. To do so brings you no nearer to that which you seek, but takes you further away from it.  An all-wise providence has arranged the affairs of mankind so that every person who comes into the age of reason must bear the cross of failure in one form or the other.  It was always necessary for the greatest and most successful men and women who ever lived to carry this cross before ever they “arrived”.

Time is the greatest miracle worker that rights all wrongs and turns failure to success.  When Divine Intelligence wants a great man or woman to render some needed service in the world, the fortunate one is tested out through some form of FAILURE.  If you are currently undergoing what you believe to be failure, be patient; you may only be going through a testing time. Responsibility, and all that goes with it in the way of remuneration, always gravitate to the person who will not accept temporary defeat as permanent failure.

There is no failure. That which looks to be failure is usually nothing but temporary defeat.  Ensure not to accept it as permanent. MEDITATION

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