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Cooperation, the non religious church

non religious church

Cooperation, the non religious church

Cooperation does not just refer to ‘agreement’ between business partners, between leader and followers, CEO and his staff to pursue a given vision, but also to the harmonious blending and fine-tuning of character within a singular person for the objective of attaining his definite purpose.  Everything within you must work together cooperatively for your own good.  Cooperation, the non religious church

In selecting a life work, you must be careful to avoid a common mistake of engaging in the work which appears to be profitable only from the material point of view.  Adequate consideration must be given to native ability, for money alone does not constitute success.  To access peace, enjoyment and happiness components of success, you must work in a field that you like best.  To dream dreams and see vision about the position you would like to attain in life are admirable, as long as you transform your dream and vision into reality through action.  There are men who dream, but do nothing.  There are other men who take the dreams of the dreamer and transform them by action into material things. And there are still others, called the dreamer-doer, who both dream and transform the dream into reality. In order that you may gain relevance, you must attach action to your dream.  Cooperation, is the new form of the non religious church.

It has been discovered that a good hearty laughter is a healthy stimulant to action.  Singing produces the same effect and sometimes better effect that laughing.  Even if this were the only reason to attend church services, it is worth it because no one can join the singing of a beautiful hymn without feeling better for it.  The world never gives anyone a chance.  A man who wants a chance will have to create it by action.  If he waits for someone else to create it and hand it over to him, he will be met by the disappointment of his life.  The world gives a crown when you do something with what you know, rather than just talking about what you know.  Incidentally, the people that are actually doing the world’s work have very little or no time at all to brag about it.  Welcome to the concept of cooperation, the non religious church.

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