Thursday, January 24, 2019


personal spiritual development

Developing a Pleasing Personality is part of personal spiritual development

A pleasing personality, as part of personal spiritual development, basically entails taking a keen heart-interest in the other fellow’s game in life.  We are all alike in one respect – we will listen with intense interest to those who have the tact to talk to us about that which lies closest to our hearts, and then out of sense of reciprocity we will also listen with interest when the speaker changes the conversation to the subject which lies closest to his own heart; at the end, we will say, what a wonderful personality!

We look at a successful man at the hour of his triumph and wonder how he did it but we overlook the importance of analyzing his methods and we forget the price he had to pay in careful, well organized preparation which he had to paid before he could reap the fruits of his efforts.  Emerging a winner at a race of barely five minutes took years of conscious preparations in training, discipline and sacrifices; while the victory might be so glaring and applauded by all, it could not have been without the years of hard work behind it, complimented with a pleasing personality. PERSONAL SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.

Come to think of it, who are the very successful class of people today? Is it those who inherited large estates and businesses from their wealthy families? Definitely no!  They are the men and women who came up from the rank of the most-lowly sort of labor; men and women who have had no greater opportunity than you have.  They are in the positions that they hold because their superior ability has enabled them intelligently to direct others.  You too can acquire that ability if you would try.  A pleasing personality can open great doors. Where power, pride and arrogance fail, a ‘please’, a ‘thank you’, a smile might do the magic.  PERSONAL SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT

You will never be as happy in any other way as you would be when you know that you are making others happy.  No person with a grievance can be also a person with an attractive personality. You may win for a time through ruthlessness and stealth; you may garner in more of this world’s goods than you would need by sheer force or shrewd strategy, without taking the time or going through the trouble of being agreeable; but sooner or later, you will come to that point in life at which you will feel the pangs of remorse and the emptiness of your well filled purse. PERSONAL SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT

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