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Proof of God

Proof of God

Proof of God.  We must have each learned in the course of our individual lives that nothing just happens.  Also, we now understand, at least by my teachings that unlike what most people believe out of ingnorance, the world is an orderly place; a very orderly one at that.

So what maintains the order of the universe.  What eternal force gives us the assurance that the sun will still come up tomorrow, that the law of sowing and reaping will prevail forever; that man will always give birth to its like when all protocols are observed.  What gives us the confidence to challenge and investigate processes where they have not met natural laws.

It is based on our knowledge, or assumption at least, that there is something working to maintain the force that keeps the order.  This “something”, based on our knowledge what it does and how it does things on a daily basis must be so powerful that in the end all is subdued under its subtle power. This powerful something is refered to by different names by different people depending on their upbringing, religion, and other factors.  Some call it Universe, some call it Nature, some call it Good, but most people refer to it as God and even go ahead to personify it as a person (man to be specific).  Proof of God

Without being particular about names, I believe that there is a power above all natural powers, at the top of the hierarchy of powers that control the seen from the unseen.  I believe that if there was no such power in place, then even our very lives will not be guaranteed to continue just as an organization without a head would eventually end up in chaotic and anarchic situation.  It is the a logical explation that supports the other beliefs that I have.  Proof of God

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