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Tolerance as a Religion Logo

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Tolerance as a Religion Logo

Napoleon Hill observes in the Law of Success that “Intolerance is such a major disintegrating force in the organized religions of the world, that it plays havoc with the greatest power there is for good in the face of the earth, by breaking up the power into small sects and denominations which spend as much effort opposing each other as they do opposing the evil of the world.”  Tolerance is infact a religion logo , viewed from this perspective.

The most important part of what we are is the result of social heredity, and comes to us from the effects of our environment and early training.  A prominent clergyman indicated how well he understood the principle of social heredity when he said: “Give me the control of the child until he is twelve years old, and you can teach it any religion you may please after that time; for I would have planted my own religion so deeply in its mind that no power on earth could undo my work”.  Again, tolerance has come to stay as religion logo

Social heredity operates through three areas of organized forces, namely the school, the church and the public press.  Unfortunately, the principle of social heredity has not only been used as a sanctioning force in support of war, but it has actually been used as a chief agency through which the minds of men have been deliberately prepared for war.  The possibility of war exists as a stern reality today solely because of intolerance: religious intolerance, ethnic intolerance, political intolerance and so on.

There is but little tendency towards war between the individuals of a particular group or nation for they have learned through the principle of social heredity, that they can best survive by subordinating the interest of the individual to that of the group.  The challenge then is for every individual on the surface of the earth to imbibe this principle.  If tolerance is visibly exercised among family members, between groupings and communities, between states, and between countries, the nations of the world will subordinate their individual interests to those of the human race as a whole.  And anywhere there is such subordination of interest, that place becomes natural habitat for peace, a foundation of true all success. Tolerance, religion logo.

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