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What Religious Colleges will not teach you

Religious Colleges

What Religious Colleges will not teach you

Fundamentally, I need you to understand that the circumstances that we fight against are mere EFFECT.  As we cannot change a shadow without altering the object, so also can we not change the external without altering the internal, nor can we change the fruit without modifying the seed.  Until we learn to alter CAUSE so as to bring about the pleasant EFFECT that we desire, we will continue to live our lives in trial and error.  Religious Colleges

As we take in food, and our system digests it to extract the nutrients therein, and our body is nourished and developed by the nutrients, so also in the spiritual, when we take in knowledge, our spirit digests it to extract the power therein.  Our spirit is nourished and developed by this power.  It is this power that builds our understanding, and attracts to us the promises of the Holy Books.

My teachings will not only feed you with quality knowledge that translates to power, it will also develop your spiritual capacity to digest the knowledge.  As a metal can be converted to a magnet if it rubs on the magnet long enough, so can my mind charge your mind if you listen to my teachings long enough, until your mind begins to attract to you the good things of life that you desire and truly deserve.  Religious Colleges

And what shall the sign be that my teaching is of the truth? The sign shall be that my words shall go forth with soothing and healing.  As you listen to and digest my teachings, the light that it represents will penetrate your entire body and melt away every iota of darkness in the form of worry, fear, or anxiety which accumulate to manifest as ailments and diseases.  No ceremony is necessary to activate the healing.  As heat is already contained in the fire, so is the healing already contained in my teachings.

Just as every drop of water is naturally connected to the ocean being its origin, the spirit of man naturally connects with God, being his source.  But because of his ignorance of this truth, man has erroneously replaced spirituality with religion.

Be not deceived, no one has the key to your prosperity but you. There is only one key to your spiritual inheritance and God has already given you the key.  That key is your MIND.  However, due to long term ignorance, your mind has become too stale to trigger a connection with God in order to open the door to your spiritual prosperity. However, by my teachings, God is set to deliver man from the lack and suffering that he has brought upon himself by ignorance.  Religious Colleges

As standalone, mobile phone is limited in its use to just voice and SMS.  But connected via internet to servers across the globe, there’s no limit to the number of Apps the device can download to become powerful and indispensable.  In the same vein, your capacity in standalone mode is very limited.  But if you can connect to your spiritual side and download your heritage, then all things will truly become possible for you.

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