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religious news stories about profiting from Failure

religious news stories

religious news stories about profiting from Failure

A man’s mind plans his way, but God directs his steps.

It is known that the shortest distance between two points is the straight line connecting them.  But sometimes, life does not take us through this straight line when connecting us with the achievements it has prepared for us.  If it did, we probably would achieve all our heart desires in life within 30 years, and be gone from the surface of the earth before we attained the perfection of our souls.  You must have realized at this stage that the real essence of life is not simply to arrive at our ‘material’ destination as early as possible; ‘arriving’ is only an offshoot of the principal objective, which is to learn and attain perfection as we proceed in the path of our destinies.  While we fill our spiritual vessels with the laurels that we earn in that process, we also naturally attract the appropriate material resources for our vision.   religious news stories 

God directs our steps onto circumstances and events that would complement our efforts to achieving our goals.  However, this should not be assumed to mean that the journey would be smooth and without challenges.  Every great achievement has its price.  There definitely will be challenges; but He will ensure that greater challenges than we can handle do not come our way   If you accomplish any great thing without challenges, you are like a young butterfly ready to break forth in its chrysalis, but received help out of pity that it was struggling too hard to do it all by itself.  By that pity, the young butterfly had actually been denied the opportunity to develop its wings muscle to face the challenges it would naturally encounter in its new environment as a full butterfly, ultimately rendering it handicap. religious news stories 

As we arrive at different stations of challenges, we must bear in mind that we have already been equipped with the ability to conquer the challenges.  Some of these challenges may appear as failures. When life confronts us with mountain of problems, we must not give up the dream of our actual destination to pitch a permanent tent at the base of the mountain. It must be seen only as a temporary failure that we would in due course find a way through.

Temporary defeat teaches us lessons which we must learn in order to go on to succeed. Usually, such lessons can be learned in no other way than through defeat.  After we have learned the lesson, it will become obvious that what we termed failure was only actually a kindly, unseen hand that halted us in a particular course, and with great wisdom forced us to redirect your efforts along a more advantageous pathway.  The fall that results from shallow-rooted achievement is usually a hard one, but the strength of character that several failures help us develop might just be the rock on which we need to build a lasting success. religious news stories 

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