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Spiritual Classes | The place of Knowledge

Spiritual Classes

Spiritual Classes | The place of Knowledge

There are not many problems in the world.  There is only one problem manifesting itself in numerous ways.  Therefore, there are not many solutions, but only one solution to the only one problem which manifests as ill health and disease, suffering and poverty, sadness and unhappiness.  Issues appear as problem to man only because man has no understanding of the circumstances.  Understanding is an offshoot of knowledge.  Once man becomes knowledgeable about an issue, the issue seizes to be a problem.  Spiritual Classes 

The singular problem and source of all problems is ignorance.  And the singular solution to all problems caused by ignorance is the knowledge.  Ignorance represents darkness while knowledge represents light.  Problems do not dwell in light, they dwell in the dark.  Once the light of knowledge is beamed on the darkness of ignorance, the habitation of problems is destroyed and they begin to melt away on their own like cobwebs when exposed to light and ventilation.  Spiritual Classes 

So if knowledge is so important, then why was it not given to all?  Knowledge is spiritual and available to all.  Like everything else spiritual, knowledge, which when processed becomes wisdom and power, is not resident inside of man but on the spiritual side.  However, each of us has been given a key to connect to and access knowledge.  It is now up to us to discover, sharpen and put that key – our mind – to the best use in terms of connecting us with the universal library of knowledge which is the solution to all problems.  Knowledge is very precious, more precious than diamond.  Just as you have to pay the price to find and extrude diamonds, so also knowledge has been deliberately separated that you may first pay the price of hunger for it, and then deliberately seek it before you are rewarded with the finding of it.

So how do you search for knowledge?  Knowledge is generally contained and extracted from information.  Therefore, the more quality information – the spiritual – you have, the more likely you can find knowledge.  However, it is very important to note that unlike academic and canal subjects, knowledge is not processed by the brain alone.  Knowledge is processed by the mind.  Your mind is your brain working under the influence of the spirit.  This spirit is the life-force in the form of electromagenetic waves from outside of you. It has life in it.  It is a wireless link that connects man to God, his source.  It is this waves of life and “connection to source” that actually do the processing of information to extract knowledge, using your brain as working table.  Therefore a fundamental requisite for knowledge is to be connected to the source and keeper of knowledge.  Spiritual Classes 

How do you connect to the source and keeper of knowledge?  This is where my teachings play a major role.  You see, we are all variously gifted in the things of the spirit to align with our purpose here on earth.  I am gifted in the ability to connect with the Holy Spirit who first teaches me and then leads me to deliver that which I have learnt to others.  The Holy Spirit gives me the messages that I teach and directs the people for whom the message is met to hear it.  In other words, I am a messenger of the Holy Spirit.  My calling and life purpose is to help as many people as possible connect with the Holy Spirit so they also can build true knowledge directly from the source.  As a magnet can make another metal a magnet if it rubs on the magnet long enough, so can my mind charge yours to trigger that connection with the Holy Spirit, if you listen to my teachings long enough.  Spiritual Classes 

Reading books is also a very good way to get quality information that can trigger that connection.  But if you are not first connected, how would you be led to read appropriate books to edify you?   Irrespective of how the knowledge is ultimately revealed to you, whether through reading the right books, or via watching the right programs on TV, or by listening to the right teachings on radio and CDs, or by the impression of the teachings directly on your mind, which I am gifted in and privileged to enjoy, the fundamental step remains to be connected with your source first.

Knowledge is a crucial path of our work in the light.  Without knowledge, our works are carried out blindly and therefore not acceptable to God.  The best holiness we can obtain without the teaching and certification of the Holy Spirit is like a filty rag before our creator.  Sin is not something you can conquer without first having an understanding of it.  If the reason you don’t sin anymore is only because you have been told it is not right to sin, then you have not attained righteousness.  If there is money right in front of you and the only reason you are not stealing it is the fear that you might be caught and punished, then you are not righteous.  But if the reason you are not stealing it even when everyone in the room urges you on, is because you know that in taking what does not belong to you, you are merely setting precedence for another to also reap the harvest of your hard work, then you have knowledge and therefore have truly overcome the sin of stealing.  Man cannot tell the difference between these 2 categories of persons who do not steal, but because God sees the heart and judge by it, his judgment sometimes appear wicked in the eye of man.  Spiritual Classes 

Generally speaking, anything done, including Giving and offerings made to God, out of fear, worry, or anxiety is not acceptable to God because the negative emotions has stained it.  If you worship God out of the fear that ‘I don’t want to go to hell so let me just do it’, that is not true worship and is not acceptable to God.  If you do good to your neighbor all the time only out of worry that if you don’t do it now, they will still come and disturb you later anyway, that is not written for you as good and therefore you may not reap the rewards because the motive is wrong.  If you pray and fast in anxiety concerning a particular situation, the anxiety introduced blemish and makes your offer unacceptable before Him who is the epitome of holiness and purity.

Therefore carrying on good works without the right knowledge is still ignorance.  Do you now feel the weight of knowledge in spiritual matters?  No wonder many of us still experience negative circumstances when by our presumed positive deeds we should be attracting only the good things of life.  You need knowledge to put things right.

The good news however is that spiritual seeds are not corruptible.  This means that all the sowings that have not produced results are not rotten.  They are still alive and can still germinate and bear fruits if you will move today from ignorance to knowledge

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