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Spiritual Counseling – Enthusiasm

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling -Enthusiasm

One way to look at happiness is to see it as the state of your mind when you are hopeful that in the future, you will attain the goal that you have set for yourself today.  Therefore, no matter how successful you may currently be or had been in the past, more happiness always lies in the future and never in the past.  Spiritual Counseling

If happiness, the final object of all human effort, is always in front of you, then you need inspiration to put action to your plan in general and to the work at hand in particular so as to reach that goal that will make you happy.  This inspiration is yet another state of mind called enthusiasm.  It not only drives the enthusiast to do the job at hand in a passionate way, it also has a contagious effect on all with whom he comes in contact.  For instance, two people might say exactly the same thing but convey different meanings: one positive meaning and the other negative meaning, because one is driven by enthusiasm while the other is not.  Spiritual Counseling

Like all other principles under consideration, enthusiasm starts in the thought. It cannot be feigned at the words or action levels.  These two have to harmonize with the thought for there to be genuine enthusiasm, for no man can successfully express through words or acts that which is not in harmony with his own belief. Spiritual Counseling

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