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Spiritual Energy | Thought

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy | Thought

Spiritual Energy “Thought is the closest connection link there is between materials things of this world and (the spiritual things of the world) of Divinity.  You have not only the power to think, but what is a thousand times more important still, you have the power to control your thought and to direct them to do your bidding!” – Napoleon Hill,

To some people, the world is a terrible place where the dishonest, the wicked, and the trickery are prospering at the expense of, and preying upon, the innocent.  To these people, it would appear that the victory of evil over good has changed from being temporary to being permanent in a world where, it seems, hard work is rewarded with very little result; yet the eloquent liar rides on horses, while the honest one goes bare-footed.  It would appear that the more success is pursued through known noble means, the more it eludes one. Spiritual Energy

Yet to some others, the same world is a pleasant place, full of opportunities. In the midst of hunger, social vices and diseases, this group finds satisfaction and peace.  A thousand may be falling by their side, and ten thousand by their right hand, but nothing is by any means hurting them.

These two categories of people probably live in the same neighborhood and share similar external situations.  Maybe they even practice the same religion, belong to same race, have equal levels of education, governed by the same political system, and so on.  In other words, the possible external factors that could have taken credit for the happiness of one group are also enjoyed by the other category.  The factors that one group might blame for its grief are the same factors that the other group would praise for its happiness.  It becomes apparent for this reason, that happiness is not necessarily resident in religion, education, country, age group, or in any other factor outside of oneself. Spiritual Energy

James Allen in his book, From Poverty to Power, added that “With the objective of finding happiness, men and women run blindly into innumerable devices, pathways by which they hope to enter into happiness which will not pass away.  And sometimes, the soul feels that it has found that secure peace and happiness in adopting a certain religion, in embracing an intellectual philosophy or in building up an intellectual or artistic ideal, yet some overpowering temptation resulting in some kind of failure proves the philosophy to be inadequate.”

The big question that follows therefore is, where then can one find true happiness? The answer is straight and simple: Our Mind will lead us to the source of everlasting happiness.  We have been endowed with a mind that, when discovered and utilized, connects us with all the resources that we will ever need to bring us more success and happiness than we can ever imagine. Spiritual Energy

This book unfolds the potential power of the mind, and its readiness to help you attain any goal that we may dare to set for yourself.  By itself, the book is not some magic that will invoke happiness; but it will challenge you to sharpen the tools already resident inside of you, to bring to an end a life of struggle, and start to attract the blessed life that you genuinely desire.  Spiritual Energy

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