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Spiritual Guidance | The Master Mind

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance | The Master Mind

To understand the power of mastermind in Spiritual Guidance, imagine that 7 men are brought into a room to re-arrange 7 heavy objects scattered across the floor.  Each man attempts to carry an object only to discover that it is very heavy.  Because they have been taught never to give up on any task, they work hard to move the object but without success.  Then frustration begins to set in.  A man says to his neighbor ‘please come help me’ and the neighbor replies ‘why should I, when I have not even moved mine.  So the individual struggle continues, with very little or no result to show for it.

Then one man is provoked.  He summons the others to a brief lecture on team work.  Eventually, they all agree to work as a team, all seven of them moving each object at a time, one after the other.  They accomplish the tasks almost effortlessly and happily.  Thus by selfless team effort, they had access to seven times the energy they exhibit as individuals.  This is a physical analogy of how the spiritual concept of Master Mind works.  Spiritual Guidance

You can achieve the object of your definite purpose by working on your own, no doubt.  But blessed is he who is fortunate enough to find another to partner with, in the spirit of Master Mind, and together pursue their common goal selflessly.  The resulting union can accomplish very complex tasks and get results much faster.

Please note that master mind in this context is not just a mere physical team but a spiritual blending of the individual members of the group.  In physical groups, two will accomplish 2000 where one accomplishes 1000.  But in master minds, 2 will accomplish at least 10,000 where one accomplishes 1000. Isn’t this phenomenal?  Spiritual Guidance

“Power is the force with which man achieves success in any undertaking.  Power, in unlimited quantity may be enjoyed by individual members of any group which possesses the wisdom with which to submerge their own personalities and their own immediate individual interests, through the blending of their minds.”

Marriage is a kind of Master Mind, hence they say in marriage, 1+1=1.  Religious revival is another kind of Master Mind.  Miracle can happen where 2 or 3 persons are completely united on a purpose; then, imagine what could happen where 10 persons in a religion revival can form a Master Mind to achieve a particular goal.  They will definitely achieve their objective.

This is the ultimate power.  As a religious leader, head of establishment, chief executive of your organization, head of your home, this is the magic wand and access to infinite intelligence that can bring you from poverty to prosperity, from lack to abundance, within a very short time.  Spiritual Guidance

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