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Spiritual Healing Retreat

Spiritual Healing Retreat

Spiritual Healing Retreat | You Can Have Whatsoever You Desire

You must have heard a thousand times over during Spiritual Healing Retreat that “Whatsoever you desire, you can have, if you believe”. But because the effectiveness of this statement has not been fully exploited by man – evident in the fact that many people are still not living their dreams – we cannot but emphasize its potency. Spiritual Healing Retreat

You can have anything that you genuinely desire in life, anything at all; as long as you can create it in your imagination.  This is because everything you could ever need already exists and all you need do is pull it from its realm of current existence to yourself in the realm of material!  The fact that you can imagine it or have thought of it confirms that it does exist (in the spirit), for if it did not exist, your thought ‘antenna’ would not pick it.

Our world is only a visible aspect of God’s many works. There are other aspects of God that are not so visible to man.  However, the fact that we cannot see things does not mean they do not exist.  All things already exist. Everything that could possibly be, already is. Creation is complete. The now ‘invisible’ is merely waiting to be invoked by you, into the material world; there is no wealth, wisdom, freedom, blessing, or idea you desire now that does not already exist in its spiritual state . And if you have developed a sound mind, then you can generate and use your thought to connect with it.  Spiritual Healing Retreat

Let us attempt to explain the above concept using science.  You see, all matters are made up of atoms.  Atoms are the smallest indivisible crumbs that form the building blocks of matter.  They are made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons hovering in constant motion around a nucleus.  The difference between one matter and another is basically in the number of these positive and negative charges that make up the matter on one hand, and the speed of motion of the particles within the atom on the other hand.  In other words, matters in plant or animal, money or grain of sand, the visible or the invisible, gas or liquid, physical or spiritual, differ from one another only in the two aspects of frequency of vibration of the particles within their atoms, and in the varying number of the three particles that make them up.  Spiritual Healing Retreat

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (also called frequency spectrum) is the infinite length of all the distinct frequencies ranging from the lower band of Voice, Radio, TV, visible light, ultraviolet light, to the much higher microwave frequencies. Beyond what science can capture on this spectrum however, is thought, which occupies the right part of the spectrum representing extremely high frequencies travelling at very high speed.  So, when you engage your mind in thoughts, you are actually emitting vibrations of this nature, capable of penetrating the entire universe.

Now, you must know that everything and every state including health, wealth, marriage, happiness, and so on exists as ‘energy’ with their own vibrational frequencies.  So, as your thought energy radiates from your mind and travels the universe, it attracts its like.  Anything your thought finds resonance with as it travels the ether of the universe, it attracts to you the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, when you emit thoughts that align with your desire and aspirations, you are attracting to yourself the energy with which those desires can materialize.  Even though energy opposite to your objective co-exists with that which you seek, you will not ‘see’ or ‘pick’ them and therefore they will not be attracted to you.  Spiritual Healing Retreat

Now, you can feel a new world of happiness if you would just tune your vibration to the frequency of happiness; happiness will materialize and that which seemed formally non-existent in your life will become real to you.  In the same vein, wealth in abundance exists, and you can enjoy it. There is plenty of prosperity in the thought world, plenty of great marriages, good health, etc. for you to enjoy.  But you may not be tuned to their frequencies of vibration by the kind of thought your mind emits to the universe, so they might not be apparent or real to you.  Under this situation, one suffers and may start to search the world over for solutions that exist ONLY inside of himself.

Your mind is like a Radio or TV set.  Just as you can adjust your set to choose what you listen to or watch from hundreds of channels available all around you, so you could also tune your mind to receive the energy to bring to reality whatever you desire.

The great news is anyone can start to enjoy great life right away.  Good life is all around us.  It takes only our own thought, nothing else, to move us from the realm of suffering and lack to the realm of enjoyment and plenty.  Start now to experience a life of success.

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