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Spiritual Learning | The Habit it Saving

Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning | The Habit it Saving

Cultivating the habit of saving is essential to reaching your goal in 2 ways. First, remembering that you do not have any money in your pocket to spend brings a feeling a feeling of anxiety and worry. As already mentioned, these are negative energy that ruins your aspiration toward the realization of the object of your definite purpose.  Following the law of attraction, the slightest ignition of negative energy would naturally attract more negative energy which will then destroy the positive energy that you are trying very hard to build as you embarked in the pursuit of your dreams.  Eventually, worry, fear, anxiety, might lead to abandonment of the pursuit. Spiritual Learning

On the other hand however, if you have a savings account, when the fear that you are broke comes knocking on your mind, you remember your savings and you are bold to face the fear and say to it “I do have money stored away in my savings, I am not broke. On the contrary I am rich”.  This thought echoes into the universe and attracts to you similar thoughts of “I have money, I am rich”.  This is positive energy that you need on your mission to wealth.  Therefore, by saving, you have incorporated a spirit of plenty that would multiply over time to attract its like to you.

Second, the savings is actually your money.  It is there as a security for you as well as for possible investments in the future.

Fortunately, there is not minimum amount you could save to activate this law.  Although the ideal savings is generally 10% – 20% of your income, it is not a fast and hard rule.  You could start small, and then grow it to the ideal figure or over, as you recognize and enjoy the benefits of this principle. Spiritual Learning

Owning and running a savings account is not an optional principle to imbibe if you want to realize your definite purpose.  You are not exempted from this principle for the very good reason that your current income is barely enough to meet your needs.  Instead, you are cautioned that a possible reason your current income is not sufficient to meet your needs is because you are not practicing this principle that could turn your situation around for good.  Spiritual Learning

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