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Imagination, the first step to Spiritual Training

Spiritual Training

Imagination, the first step to Spiritual Training

The spiritual training process involves 15 principles as covered by Napoleon Hill in the Law of Success.  Imagination is one of the most interesting of these 15 principles that you must learn and practice in full, not in part, to help you attain the object of your definite purpose, as you can never be that which you have not first imagined yourself to be.

To imagine is to fantasize, to see yourself in your ‘dream’ possessing that thing which you desire.  Whatever you must achieve in the real world, you must first have achieved in the imagination world.  If you cannot imagine it and see yourself having it, then you may never be able to achieve it in the material. Only by imagination have we been given the power to create our own world.  Financial success it not that difficult to attain once one has leant how to make effective use of creative imagination!  Spiritual Training

After you have defined your definite purpose, you must constantly dream it.  In your imagination, you must see yourself doing the things you would do when you attain your Definite Chief Aim.  As you think this constantly, you will eventually become it, for ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’.

You must be careful not to allow negative thoughts to destroy your dream. When negative thoughts crawl up to your mind, do not welcome them. Do not deliberate on the issues brought to your mind by envy, jealousy, fear, anger, worry, selfishness, pride, and similar emotions.  These are evil ‘junctions’ on your route that could lure you away from the right way to success, onto the broad path to failure.  Whenever these evil thoughts come knocking in the door of your mind, ignore them; use the opportunity to bring alive once again that picture of your future that you have created, and shift your focus to imagining yourself driving your dream car, living in your dream house, in the company of your dream spouse, raising your dream children. The good feelings generated from these positive thought will have the double effect of driving away from your mind the evil visitor, in addition to helping you to be as you think.  The imagination of seeing yourself living in a beautiful house of your own for instance will sure release a pleasing feeling that would attract its like and draw to you positive energy that would ultimately help you achieve that which you have imagined.  Spiritual Training

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