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Spiritual Website | Removing Limitations

Spiritual Website

Spiritual Website | Removing Limitations

Our understanding of the Master Mind reveals that when two or more persons gather for the purpose of accomplishing a given objective, they can achieve that goal effectively provided there is harmonious cooperation between them.  It does not matter if the purpose is to a good end or to an evil end.  For as long as they agree on that purpose, they can invoke a ‘superpower’, like the fairytale genie, by the blending of their minds.  It is therefore not uncommon to see people explore this powerful force of Master Mind to perpetuate evil desires of wreaking havoc on their victims.  Spiritual Website

Envy, hatred, covetousness, selfishness, jealousy, and the like; these are the seeds upon which sin thrives.  Fundamentally, these are the evils of which we refer all the time.  Because all actions are preceded by thought, just releasing the thought and dwelling on it long enough to attract its like is counted as sin.  Similarly, when you release good thought of a person, whether he is far away or nearby, it would be counted unto you as good even when you have not converted or cannot convert your thought into actions.  For instance, just by wishing a family their heart desire of a baby, and dwelling for a few moments on the resulting imagination where the child is delivered, everyone is happy, and you also are genuinely happy for them; it will be counted for you as being ‘good’ onto that family.  Spiritual Website

Releasing good thought all the time attracts energy to you that build an aura of positivity around you.  The positive energy will not attract but repel negative energies, wherein lies your secret weapon against the evil maneuver of the wicked ones.  Evil targeted to you cannot penetrate this protection, bearing in mind that the ticker you make this protection, the higher the level of evil it can withstand or repel.  Spiritual Website

To make your protection-wall completely evil-proof among numerous other benefits, you may want to form a master mind, not with a human this time, but with some ‘spirit’ that would not only mediate between your thoughts and the good part of infinite intelligence, but would also teach you all things, be a lamp onto your feet and a light unto your path on your mission to attaining your personal visions in life.  This is where religion, adoption of philosophy, and brotherhood come into play.

If the spiritual union helps you to successfully realize the objective that you set out to achieve, the resultant trust in your ‘spiritual partner’ could develop from being a formal one to being a very personal one.  A great example of this kind of association is the relationship the genuine Christian has with the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you recall the tremendous amount of power available to the master mind, then you will appreciate the ease and convenience with which you could begin to ‘slide’ through life from the point of ‘contracting’ the right mediator, compared to the ‘friction’ of trying to attain perfection all by yourself.

With this in place, your worries about evil powers would have been sorted.  Your positive aura will repel their negative energy and they will not be able to cause you any harm even if they had successfully ‘manufactured’ and dispatched their evil ‘bomb’.  For as long as you remain ‘good’, your aura will always protect you from the evils flying all around you.  And if they ever appear to find a window to attack you, their victory shall only be for a while; probably just to expose you to a few experiences that would ultimately earn you one or two virtues for your next promotion.  Spiritual Website

However, if you were not good but evil like them, then rather than their darkness bowing to your light, it would be a case of two evils agreeing together.  While it is consented that evil powers do exist and can work against your effort to realizing your definite purpose, it is you that will be held responsible if they triumph over you.  Do not think that on the other side of the divide, you will be vindicated for not living your destiny because you were ‘disturbed’ by witches and wizards, by sorcerers and enchanters.  Instead you will be blamed for not making optimum use of the weapons that have been provided to deal with the situation.


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