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Spiritually Minded ways to Getting What you Want

Spiritually Minded.

Spiritually Minded ways to Getting What you Want

As Spiritually Minded James Allen puts it, “A man cannot directly change his circumstances, but he can choose his thought, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.”  But bearing in mind that all that glitters is not gold, how does he determine what circumstance would be best for himself?

Your vision has to be carefully chosen by you to ascertain that you reap the tripod benefits of wealth, health and happiness which together form true prosperity.  Do not base the determination of your destiny entirely on dictates of people and things around you; instead look inward of yourself with a view to discovering that ‘little thing’ that only you can make great.  That ‘little thing’ is the talent which will make you stand before kings.  An African proverb says, “If a child washes his hands clean, he can eat with elders”.  Discovering and harnessing that ‘little thing’ is the way to wash your hands clean. Spiritually Minded.

The following steps are recommended to first assist you to identify that talent, and then help you discover yourself from that point:

Pray for direction:  If you believe in prayer, but not really sure what you want, why not ask your creator to give you a sense of direction.  The ‘direction’ may not necessarily jump at you as you pray, but could come to you later through such means as conversation with friends, listening to messages, reading, watching TV or, most reliably, through meditation.

Converse with yourself to know yourself:  Take time off to be alone with yourself and ask yourself questions.  What are you good at?  What are your skills and talent useful for?  What is the one thing that you can do very well and do happily?  Are you ready to do it?

Be mindful of the tendency to copy things that have already been made great by other people.  Do not be scared to start little things.  If they are the right little things, they can become great things by your doing them.  You must believe in yourself enough to realize that great things can come out of us too.

Determine what you want: Now you know your abilities, what do you want to do with them?  Do you want to convert them to some business?  Can you work on your own or do you want to partner with someone who has complimentary abilities or resources?  Would you prefer to seek employment in this field of endeavor instead?

Convince yourself you can have it: Having made up your mind what you really want, convince yourself that you can have it.  Fight any discouragement or distractions that you might be harboring.  Settle it with your inner self that you believe that God has given you the ability to achieve your dreams, and that you will go all out to do just that.

Draw a plan to achieve it: Get to work! Draw up a plan.  This could be as simple as a one-page spreadsheet showing what you intend to do, when you intend to do it, how you would do it, what you expect in return, what you would do when you attain your goals.

Believe you can achieve it:  If your objective is to become a millionaire from running your own business, remind yourself of people who have successfully built businesses from scratch and from their own dreams.  Believe in yourself. Have faith in God that you can attain the height of yours desire.

Determine the CAUSE of the EFFECT:  Attaining success is not dependent only on how much work you put into the job, the size of the business, staff, and similar factors.  These are important factors no doubt but they are only efforts that we see on the surface of the business.  Beneath the surface of success, there are spiritual efforts that actually hold the business.  Success is an effect.  For the particular kind of success that you desire, you must initiate the Cause. Thereafter, you must be prepared to wait for the right season to reap the Effect.

Begin to practice Law of Attraction: Send out good thoughts of love at all times about yourself, about your business, about other people and things around you.  Take a step further to say good words and to do good deeds; you will attract success, bearing in mind that you cannot thrive under the negative influence of envy, selfishness, jealousy, and the like.  Spiritually Minded.

Have a Definite Chief Aim: Compile a Definite Chief Aim.  This is your personal vision in life. Read it and meditate upon it at least once a day. Without this vision, you do not have a destination; therefore you are forced to be satisfied whichever direction the wind blows you.  Without a vision, you cannot measure your success, you are not even sure what you want in life, so whatever life brings your way, you accept.

But if you set out on a field to harvest grapes and you are certain that grapes is what you want, then banana, pears, and any other kind of fruits on the way cannot distract you; you will not stop until you get to your grapes vine.  Have you ever experienced that feeling of joy and fulfillment that always awaits you at the point of getting what you actually set out to achieve?  Then you can imagine the feeling when you know what you want, set out to get it, and by faith and against all odds, you eventually attain your dream!  Spiritually Minded.

Work, work and work: Prayer has its place, work has its place.  Do not expect prayer to take the place of work; work when you should work and never stop working.  You may change your approach, adjust your plan, but never stop working till you reach your goal.

Never give up: You may not necessarily attain the object of your purpose on your first attempt.  Great things don’t come that cheap!  If you plant vegetable that you would harvest just once to make a dish of soup, then expecting it to germinate and grow to maturity within a couple of days is realistic.  But if you plant a crop like mango that you expect to produce loads of fruits for you every year for the next thirty years, then expecting to get everything right within the first year might not be realistic.  Keep adjusting your target and strategies till you get it right, but don’t ever quit.  You will surely come out victorious, if you believe you will.  Spiritually Minded.

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