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About Our Community | The M7

The mM7

The M7 Community

M7 Come to think of it, man is the cause of his own problems.  All of man’s problems stem from just one thing:  attempting to do for himself what nature should do for him.  What will I eat tomorrow?  How do I save enough wealth to last my life time?  How do I perpetuate my supremacy over everyone else?

All of those thoughts about the good and the betterment of self even at the expense of the community is generally referred to as SELFISHNESS.  In the eye of our creator, selfishness is sin.  Therefore, man is already a sinner even before he trespasses against his neighbor.  Even if he locks himself away all his life in isolated homes where he cannot see anyone and therefore cannot trespass against anyone, he could end up being even more sinner than his counterpart who lives among people.  Sin starts in thought, and most of the time fully executed in thought.  The doing is just a manifestation of that which has already been concluded in the thinking and imagination of it.

So, if the fundamental issue man has with nature is selfishness, then a solution to this issue takes us off the wrong path onto the right path with nature, in a fundamental way that ensures a heavenly life, full of enjoyment, right here on earth.  This is the whole essence of the coming of Christ, to teach us the new way to live, relate with our neighbors, and relate with the father so as to bring us out of darkness and captivity of ignorance unto light and freedom, by the knowledge and practice of His precepts of SELFLESSNESS otherwise called LOVE.

When we carry our burden all by ourselves, nature cannot do anything for us.  Nature has plenty of love and care to give.  But Nature’s care and love has to be attracted.  It is attracted only to those who, by their thought and practice of principle, show that they deserve it.  When you are in complete harmony with nature in terms of your understanding and practice of the principle of love, then you do not need to do anything for yourself anymore.  Nature will take your case up as its full responsibility.  This was the state Jesus attained when God said about him, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”.

Man was not created to cater for himself, but to submit himself willingly to nature to cater for, by first being a channel to be used by nature to cater for others; by presenting himself to nature not as an isolated ring but as a ring in a chain of many rings.  Nature is interested in the big picture of chains, not in small pictures of isolated rings.  While nature will do anything to maintain chains, it is inconsiderate of rings standing on their own.

Now, suppose we are ready to begin to practice love as preached by Jesus Christ in Matthew Chapter 7: 12, then what will be the best way to maximize the benefits of the practice for our community and entire mankind?

Remember the law of Mastermind?  It says where 1 killed 1000, 2 will not kill 2000 but 10000.  It talks about the release of supernatural powers that can literally perform miracles, to the mastermind formed from the union of 2 or more persons about a particular purpose.  So what’s stopping us from exploiting this law in the practice of this fundamental principle of love not just for our own individual benefit, but also to the benefit of our families, community and entire mankind.  With the power of mastermind, Nature itself will partner with us to amplify results of our efforts by 1000x .

So we have created the M7 Community.  M7 stands for Matthew Chapter 7, with emphasis on verse 12.  “Therefore, whatsoever you would that men should do unto you, do same unto them.  For this is the law and the prophet.”

Anything at all that you want Nature to use men to do for you, go out of your way look for anyone in need, and do that same thing for him, in LOVE.  Nature will record your deed, and at the most appropriate time, will compensate you adequately.  This is the summary of all principles.   This is the summary of the messages of all the prophets.

This is the verse on which our entire teaching is anchored.  This is the solution to all earthly problems.

The M7a real life community of believing persons, bond together in selflessness, offering one another opportunity to practice the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 7: 12

Benefits of being part of M7

  • As a mastermind, we have the power to accomplish. Whatever purpose we agree on, corporate or on behalf of a member is as good as achieved according to Gen 11: 6
  • M712 Mastermind presents perpetual opportunity to sow and to scatter wide. In the world of matter, we increase when we accumulate.  But in the world of energy, we increase when we scatter.
  • Another community of like-minded people to help your spiritual growth

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