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The Spirituality of Success

The Spirituality of Success

The Spirituality of Success

By the Spirituality of Success, success comes in 2 layers, the spiritual layer and the material layer.  Although these 2 aspects are so closely interwoven that success in the spiritual automatically means success in the material, understanding the distinction would help us know where to focus if we are not getting desired results in our quest for success.

As already hinted, the demarcation between these two layers is not a sharp one but a blurred line that fades on both ends into the 2 aspects.  By following the basic principles to enduring success explained by Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success, much of the spiritual would have been sorted unconsciously.  Hence it is possible to achieve success without deliberately being spiritual, yet living evil-free thought-life.  It is reckoned that some people build strong spiritual foundations for their businesses and get great results just by living their normal life; others attempt to achieve same feat by the adoption of some religious practices, and yet fail.  The Spirituality of Success

Yes, a lot of work is required to attain sound success in life, but you must recognize that you are not forbidden from seeking help.  In fact, it is almost impossible to work entirely on your own, all by yourself to achieve significant success in any field.  Here and there, you would need people as co-workers, team members, employees, partners, collaborators, to help you achieve your goal.

Master Minds are just as valuable in the spiritual as they are in the material world.  Have you ever had a beautiful idea that looked too good to fail?  Have you ever believed so much in an idea, but despite your faith the idea failed as a business and you became so disappointed you never wanted to venture into any business again?  Do you think now that the story would have been different if you had not worked on the material layer alone, but had also invoked some spiritual partner in a Master Mind?  The Spirituality of Success

That you can achieve success by keeping all the laws of success is not in doubt.  However, God has made provision for additional grace.  He has provided a pure spirit that is universally homogenous with human spirit to teach us all things, and make light our burden.  In Christianity, this spirit is accessed through the acceptance and confession of the Lord Jesus Christ alongside the cause for which He came to die on earth.

From the point of acceptance, you will be able to form and access a spiritual Master Mind that would help you pursue your definite purpose.  You will no longer depend entirely on your human intelligence, but will always invoke your Master Mind to take crucial decisions through the journey of life.  The Spirituality of Success

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