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The true test

the true test

The true test

Now take the true test. I have often wondered how people claim that they have a god who is able to supply all their needs at anytime and at anywhere, and yet cling on to that which they have now as if their life depends entirely on it.  They hold on so tight to their material possession as if once they let it go for a second, they are not sure it would ever come back to them.  I am left wondering how one who claims to be connected to source of water for example, would cling so hard to a can of water where there are thirsty people all around him. Get ready to take the true test

Come to think of it, would the true test of the power and dependability of your source not be to release that which you have now in a way that is harmonious with principle, and then see if source will replace it or not?  If it replaces it, then your claim of eternal supply is verified and by that that your light will so shine that all men will see your good works and glorify your source.  And if it worked once, it will always work again and again so far as you follow principle. That’s the true test.

So then, why do we ever hold on to things?  Like a river allows water to flow through it and not hold onto it, we should always let things flow through us to other people, particularly to the needy.  That way, we are sure of constant replenishment from the source just as we allow ourselves to be used y the source to supply to our downline.  However, when we hold onto things and see them as our own and refuse to let them flow to our downline, we introduce blockages to become like lake; our water no longer flow but become stale and muddy.  We block ourselves off the opportunity to constantly receive fresh water that carry nutrients and new life.  We become isolated and irrelevant over time because in life, no one ignores the fresh and flowing water of a river to go to patronize the sticky and smelly water of a lake.

Even if you thus test your source and your sacrifice of love is not adequately compensated, you will still benefit from the experience because it will only amount to a good lesson for you. You will have eliminated one more wrong way in your search for spirituality and connection with the source. This is the true test

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