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What are Spiritual Beliefs: Definite Chief Aim 

What are Spiritual Beliefs

What are Spiritual Beliefs: Definite Chief Aim 

What are Spiritual Beliefs? An individual without personal vision would settle for whatever comes his way.  But we cannot achieve greatness by accepting just anything fate brings our way. Greatness is not cheap and therefore cannot be thrown at us. We will have to make up in our mind that we really want to be great, and then work on it till we achieve it exactly as we have ‘dreamed’ it.

What is your vision for life?  What material and spiritual status do you wish to attain in life?  Set these targets for yourself.  The higher you make them, the more difficult they are to attain but the more successful you will be when you do attain them.  Conversely, you are not under any obligation to set high standards.  You could settle for average targets so you don’t have to work so hard to achieve them.  It is entirely up to you. What are Spiritual Beliefs

Write down your personal vision to form your Definite Chief Aim. Write it on the assumption that it is an opportunity to ask God for whatever you will.  If you want to be very wealthy in life, do not be afraid or ashamed to admit it; this is the place to write it down.  If you have a spiritual ideal which pursuit and realization you believe will bring you fulfillment, define it here. There is absolutely no use pretending about anything.

An ideal Definite Chief Aim would be about one A4 page long, with sessions covering your realistic plans to achieve your targets, your short term goals, long term goals, and what you will do when you reach your goals. It will also be a good place to put a single statement summary of your governing principles on your mission towards your self-realization.  What are Spiritual Beliefs

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