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What is Mercy

What is Mercy

What is Mercy

If by being merciful or forgiving we mean that God will allow us dwell freely in sin without attracting the equivalent consequence because some savior has died for our sin even before we committed it, then God is not merciful. He is merciful only to the extent that he would never condemn you and pursue you permanently away from him.  For as many times as you go wrong or sway away from the path of truth, he is willing to accept you back when you realize your mistakes and trace your steps back toward light like ‘the prodigal son’ did.  What is Mercy

Take al look at us an humans. Look at the various systems of the world that we have successfully come up with and executed over thousands of years.  Where did we get those ideas from?  How did we learn to create a system of government that works thus far, for example?  You think it’s the result of single man’s intelligence in one day? No, it is the evolution of some idea that is getting better as we practice it. So is all the other creations of man, both tangible and intangible. But where did we learn them from?

We learned the systems from our source and creator, God.  Every system in nature that works is a replica of a system that works in God.  There’s nowhere else that we have access to at this time of our living on earth to download systems.  We are able to use our mind to tune to and connect with the world of that system in thought and imagination because it does exists.  If it did not exist, then there would be nothing to connect to. This goes to tell you that our human intelligence, and especially wisdom, is only a direct measure of our capability to connect with the unseen place of systems called infinite intelligence.  What is Mercy

Anyway back to the point, do not expect that because God is merciful, the universal laws and principle will be suspended for you even for a second.  This expectation will only result in everlasting disappointment that will keep you in a state of perpetual religion and unhappiness as it will never happen. Neither does being merciful mean that God will always answer you prayers.  Your payers are answered only when your works march your desires.  And when that happens, you do not even need to ask before nature delivers them to you.  What is Mercy

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