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What is the true meaning of Spirituality | Practice Reversed Philosophy

What is the true meaning of Spirituality

What is the true meaning of Spirituality | Practice Reversed Philosophy

At some point in a man’s life, he realizes that man does not live by bread alone; that material wealth alone does not constitute happiness; that true prosperity begins not with amercing of wealth, but by searching for his divine purpose.  For some, this sober reflection starts early in life, for others it starts late.  On the average, man should have learned enough about life at the age of 40–45 years, to come to this realization.  What is the true meaning of Spirituality

At the point of the realization that there is more to life than just existing to eat and merry, it is not unusual for men to desire  to experiment with different philosophy than that which they had practiced all their life, especially if the previous philosophy has not proven to be very dependable in the attainment of everlasting happiness.  It might be well worth it to begin a new life of ‘reversed philosophy’ to replace the ‘straight philosophy’ the world practices.  Incidentally, this ‘reverse philosophy’ has not only been approved but has been practiced by some of the greatest philosophers that had ever lived on the face of the earth.  What is the true meaning of Spirituality

The straight philosophy for gathering is to accumulate. But the reverse philosophy reveals that to gather, one must scatter. The world’s meaning of blessing is to receive; in the reverse philosophy, the blessing is actually in the giving, and not in the receiving.  The world would say, ‘because you have forgiven me, I now also forgive you’; but reversed philosophy requires us to forgive first, that we also may be forgiven

In the material world, when I give something good I depreciate; but in the spirit, when I give I appreciate.  The world says, ‘till I see it; I do not believe’; the spirit says ‘I believe it, therefore I shall see’.  Straight philosophy of the world says ‘There is lack everywhere, the problem is not with me, I am perfect as I am, The problem is with the world; who would change the world and redistribute the world’s wealth to save me from this lack?”’, Reversed philosophy of the spirit says ‘there is plenty for everyone; whatever I can imagine, I can get, I only have to alter my thoughts to people and things, and I will transit into a new frequency where I no longer see lack but plenty; no one but myself can free my mind’.  The world says ‘when I achieve my heart desires, I shall be happy; reversed philosophy says ‘I must look inward of me and be happy now, then I shall achieve all my heart desires’.

Straight philosophy says ‘when I have the money, I will do that good deed’. Reverse philosophy says ‘the money to do that good deed is contained in the responsibility of the deed. As the fruit is contained in the seed, the action in the thought, so is the resource for its execution contained in the duty. If I dare to take it up, I will be surprised how God will help me finish it.’

Just as we cannot destroy a part without weakening the whole, so also can we not build a stronger and better world without bringing to bear those qualities capable of building the tiny strands that form the parts.  And we do not have to first occupy positions of political or religious leadership to exhibit these qualities. On the contrary, nature only elevates us to such positions when we have been ‘faithful with little’ even while no one was watching.  What is the true meaning of Spirituality

Finally, it is worth remembering that the intelligence resident in man by default is too limited to achieve anything of significance by itself. There is a higher source of thought energy to which man must connect with his mind, for divine direction and wisdom that surpasses all understanding.  It is from this source that life itself originates and radiates to feed every living soul on earth.  It is only logical to conclude that this source is God; the Creator of the universe and Programmer of the laws on which the universe rests; the laws that ensure that, in the final analysis, nature is fair to all.  What is the true meaning of Spirituality

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