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what is the true meaning of spirituality? It’s Love!

what is the true meaning of spirituality

what is the true meaning of spirituality? It’s Love!

“And now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” – 1Cor13:13

what is the true meaning of spirituality?  Hope and Faith are great virtues, but Love is the ultimate virtue.  We need Hope to reassure us that even though today is not so fantastic, tomorrow will be good; that our today may not have ended as we planned it, but our dream can still come true tomorrow; that we may not have realized our high expectations according to the promises of God, but that does not mean that the goals will no longer be realized.  This is Hope: that the realization of our dreams are only delayed but not denied.

what is the true meaning of spirituality?  Faith is the belief that, no matter how things appear now, we will reach our goal eventually.  It is the belief that even though we are experiencing cold where the word of God says we will have warmth, the warmth will still come to manifestation; that the defeat we are experiencing now is only a temporary thing.  When the permanent victory comes, it shall uproot and take the place of the temporary defeat.  Faith is when our belief in these is so strong that it practically becomes real to us even before it manifests.  It is our evidence of things in the future which we have not yet seen; the substance of things which we are hoping for.  In other words, Hope is born out of Faith

what is the true meaning of spirituality?  But Hope and Faith will fade away, and give a right of place to Love.  We need the duo of Hope and Faith only as long as the journey lasts.  Once we arrive at our destination and that which we hoped for becomes reality, we shall experience that which we had believed all the while and that which was seen only in thought and imagination will become real and be experienced.  At that point, Hope and Faith would have completed their work.

Faith will help us achieve our desires. We can accumulate wealth and realize our destiny by exercising Faith.  By Faith, we can actually connect with, and receive directly from God.  The bible is full of instances where people instantly received, by their display of Faith.  If Peter was to sell the fish he caught after he, by Faith, threw the net following the instructions of Jesus Christ, he probably would become rich instantly.  By Faith, the mother of the girl with the unclean spirit received healing for her daughter.  By Faith, the Centurion received healing for his servant.  By Faith, the woman with the issue of blood received healing.  By Faith, the two blind men received their sight.  Even till this day, by Faith we receive whatever we ask of Him

To the extent of receiving, Faith is the highest virtue.  But life is much more than just receiving; it is more about giving.  Just as in the material world where we are not rewarded for what we receive but for what we contribute, so also in the spiritual is it more blessed to give than to receive.

Love is made manifest in Sacrificial Giving.  As we would prove our Faith with our works, so would our Love be evidenced in our Giving.  There cannot be Love where there is no giving.  Hence another name for Love is Selflessness.

In the end, we need more than just Faith.  Faith may bring us all that we hoped for, but the fact that we have had our prayers answered does not necessarily mean that we have been saved.  To be saved, we need to move from the realm of Faith to the realm of Love.  And because it profits nothing to gain the whole world but loose one’s soul, Love should be practiced more than any other virtue for the redemption of our souls, the actual purpose for which Christ came to reunite us with God.  what is the true meaning of spirituality?

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