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What’s the meaning of Death

What's the meaning of Death

What’s the meaning of Death

What’s the meaning of Death?  Death is no termination but transition from one phase of life to another phase.  It is not an end to life, but a break in the eternal process of life.  It is simultaneously the closing of the old life and the beginning of a new life.

Life is one continues existence of the spirit.  Our spirit is a small part of the spirit of God which currently dwells inside our body.  The earth is not home to the spirit, meaning that the spirit can only live and experience the elements of earth not directly but via another medium that is both compatible to the spirit and the earth – this medium is our body.  So via our body, our spiritual being inside of us is having human experience on earth.  The body is not exactly what we are, but the medium that holds our spirit, more like a bottle holding water to enable the water to be carried around. What’s the meaning of Death

When we die, our spirit merely vacates our body.  The spirit does not die, therefore we do not die. We continue to live, carrying our experiences on earth with us. The spirit never dies but lives forever, thus giving rise to a new line of thought.  If the spirit lives forever, then is 100 years only enough to learn and experience on earth in order to attain divinity? What’s the meaning of Death

Anyway, with this knowledge that death is not the end of life but only the beginning of another phase of life, no one should be scared. Everyone should look forward to a happy hereafter except persons who have lived in complete ignorance.  Only those who have lived a life of trial and error, a life of religion instead of a life of true spirituality, and therefore unsure of what the beyond holds for them after death, should be scared of the inevitable.  What’s the meaning of Death

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