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Who’s the enemy

Who’s the enemy

Who’s the enemy

My dear, there is no enemy in the world outside of you.  If you believe that you have an enemy in the world, someone somewhere who is working against you and planting your downfall, then you must also believe that someone somewhere also believes that YOU are conspiring against him to bring him to defeat; unless you see everyone else in the world as evil and you alone as the only saint.  Just as you believe that you are not anyone’s enemy but only living your life and pursuing your dreams, so do those that you perceive as enemy believe that they are enemy to no one; they are simply living their life and pursuing their own happiness, defending themselves and waging off any threats to life as often as the need arises.  Who’s the enemy

So if no one agrees he is enemy to someone and you believe that you are no one’s enemy, then who is the enemy and where does he live? Truth is the enemy is not a person but only negative energy that dissipates your power, making it difficult for you to gather enough power do some tangible work.  The enemy is not resident in the physical but right inside you in your thought.  You generate the enemy in your thought, which then manifests as anger, fear, anxiety, worry, and other form of negative energy.  You by yourself create your own enemy by the principle that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.  Nature only helps you to manifest on the outside the enemy that you birth on the inside of you.  Who’s the enemy

How does nature do this, you may ask.  You see, when you throw a mixture of objects of different densities high in the air, they do not all return at the same spot on the ground.  They land at different spots to separate themselves.  This is the practice employed to separate crops from husk in the farm at harvest, and the same principle that nature applies to bring you where you belong in your karma, according to the writing in your destiny.  Whoever or whatever nature uses to bring to manifest that which you have by your thought and deed, already written in your destiny, is only a messenger of nature, whether for good or for evil.  It does not matter whether you see that person as a blessing or as an enemy.   Who’s the enemy

The enemy is not physical therefore our weapon to deal with the enemy is not canal but in the knowledge and development of spiritual power to overcome negative energy.

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