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Why Evil Exists

Why Evil Exists

Why Evil Exists | Why can’t Good just destroy Evil once and for all, and dominate alone!

Good will seize to be good when evil seizes to be.  Good cannot be if there was no evil.  Without darkness, light is not really useful. Where there is no poverty, how do you recognize the wealthy?  Good health cannot be appreciated if there was no sickness in the world.  This is the law of Relativity.  Why Evil Exists

A champion is a champion only because he defeats an opponent.  Without opponents, we cannot have winners; without very tough opponents, we cannot have great champions.  There cannot be victors where there are no enemies.

We are not mere passerby here; whether we were invited, sent or we came on our own, we came to earth on a purpose.  The general purpose is to HELP the earth.  This help could be to fellow human beings as represented in our relations, neighbors, countrymen, strangers, or to any other form of life within Nature.  But our acts are not necessarily in isolation as they appear.  Most of the time, our individual works are too tiny to make a significant impact regarding the help that the earth requires of us. It’s up to Nature to do the permutation and combination regarding the amplification of our tiny individual efforts to meet its need.  Why Evil Exists

Let us say for example that the earth needs a young energetic man to carry out a special assignment for it in a future time I quantify as 2040. Let’s say this special assignment involves the use of beer hands to fight a fierce battle against an evil man who has just arrived earth as a baby. This evil man will be skilled in the use of weapon.  However, the battle field will be a place where there will be no weapons.

So this good boy is born in 2017 to a poor family that is far from civilization so he can develop requisite skills for his purpose; for this reason, a good coach had been born 35 years earlier to help the boy develop his skills. The boy suffers denial to enjoyment so he can learn the hard way to meet those who have been placed on his path to work with him on the purpose, which none of them is aware of at this stage. Why Evil Exists

So what happens if after all of the preparation, there is no opponent to fight? What happens if Good has no Evil to conquer?  Where would be the opportunity to come out as Good , wouldn’t its birth, preparation, purpose be a waste?  OK, if evil emerges to play its role to “help” bring good to light for all to see, then what evil has it done for serving his own purpose in this master plan? So, why are we labeling him Evil for playing his role?  Food for thought, right?

As there cannot be perfection where there is not rejection, so can there not be Good where there is no Evil.  Good and Evil are both needed to balance each other, and one without the other is incomplete.Why Evil Exists

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