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Why Prayers Don’t Work

Why Prayers Don't Work

Why Prayers Don’t Work

Having already by your own thoughts and deeds written your destiny, God will only be interfering in your life and going against the very laws by which the universe operates, if he attempts to alter your destiny.  Whatever seed you have sown, whether good or evil, you must reap. Nothing can change that.  Why Prayers Don’t Work

So, if you believe praying to God can end your suffering, then what happens to the real reasons suffering exists?  If you feel your neighbor is enjoying and you are praying to God to bring enjoyment to you too, it is a waste of time because your neighbor is only reaping what he has sown.  You can only reap your own sowing, not anyone else’s. If you have not sown good where you are asking for enjoyment as reward, you prayer will not change anything.  Even where you have sown good, you must wait for your season of harvest (only nature determines that) to enjoy the good fruits.  You cannot pray it to happen before its time. Why Prayers Don’t Work

If you do not deserve enjoyment at all where you are asking for it in prayer, then your prayer is even more useless because you are praying to God to go rob someone else and bring the proceeds to you, for nothing comes out of nothing.  The seen can be made from the unseen, the material out of the spiritual but everything, no matter how small or tiny they are, must come from something like fruits come from seed. Why Prayers Don’t Work

Therefore, now that you cannot change or improve your situation by prayer, why waste time praying to God to change your situation. You can definitely change your situation but only by knowledge (of principle) and practice of same. So focus on gaining (spiritual) knowledge and on works (practice of principles), not on prayers.

Is it wrong to pray therefore, you may ask. Not really.  It’s OK to pray especially for someone else; to release from within you, goodwill thoughts of others and wish them wellness and great things of life.  This kind of prayer is GIVING in thought and emotions.  Only this kind of SELFLESS prayer is effective both for he who prays and to he who is prayed for.  Why Prayers Don’t Work

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